An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1488.95 (4,259,108th)
45,332 (2,321st)
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Title Δ
Strange code generated by 64-bit compiler when calling malloc in Vi... 0.00
Bubblesorting an array of 25 elements in the best case +0.75
printf implementation in c, my function prints two extra spaces +0.51
prevent from printing extra whitespace at the end of my line C++ +0.10
C do{} while(function(argumen)==1) in I/O FILES 0.00
What does `1<<0` do in this code snippet? -0.79
How can I check if RtlCreateUserThread succeeds? 0.00
C - malloc returning bad pointer -0.02
How to store array to fit cache line size 0.00
Boost Graph Library: Prevent DFS from visiting unconnected nodes 0.00
Malloc misallocation? -1.45
Slow for loop with inconsistent timing +0.02
Anti_Virus.exe has triggered a breakpoint. C language 0.00
Why can't I resolve a constant expression after increasing -fco... -1.12
Segmentation fault (core dumped) while declaring vectors 0.00
Power with divide & conquer algorithm -1.08
How to make this algorithm faster? -1.18
How can I find out the exact conditions when STL containers throw e... -1.53
Windows DLL & Dynamic Initialization Ordering 0.00
Is alignment a concern for pointers to templated objects? (C++) 0.00
Why on a reference string and its reverse page faults are same by L... 0.00
undefined reference to vtable; virtual function issue 0.00
Circular dependency issues with inheritance and returning instances +0.03
Unexpected results from bitwise operation why (1 | 1 & 2) gives... -0.76
access private constructor c++ +0.52
How does this code to check for balanced parenthesis work? 0.00
Why does the cost of C++ virtual call depend on the number of deriv... +0.32
How to fix cannot convert parameter from void*[n] to const void** +0.47
Why does it take so long to hear the beep when dragging the app win... 0.00
constexpr-izing the jesteress hashing algorithm 0.00
How this does equation simplify to +0.96
Is it wrong if the standard container element type and std::allocat... -0.18
Unreliable QueryPerformanceCounter on a KVM Windows 2008 RC2 guest 0.00
What happen if an input stream is sent to an output stream? +0.52
Sort objects in descending order when the < comparator is defined? -0.65
Interview puzzle on traveling on a line segment -0.19
Compile time optimization - removing debug prints from release bina... +0.83
mmap() get a 64 bit value with an offset 0.00
Counting a String within a string +1.52
Do we need readlock while using function pointer & static varia... +0.56
How does memory barrier work? +2.11
Algorithm for detecting a double gutter in poker +0.51
Does fread() advances the pointer after it finishes reading the file? -0.33
How to find out functions missing from a library, but which are pre... -1.17
Speed difference when using different values with modulo +1.92
barycentric coordinate clamping on 3d triangle +0.04
Examples where compiler-optimized functional code performs better t... -1.15
Dynamic Memory Allocation in fast RAM -1.23
deleting doubles in a sorted array and then puttting X in the end +0.09
Testing shared memory ,strange thing happen 0.00