An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1508.44 (80,772nd)
7,908 (19,917th)
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Title Δ
VS2019 Winforms SDK-style project, can't add a new form 0.00
Group rows with a value depending on condition of a different colum... 0.00
How to invert a query with a single row -0.04
Calculating number of bookings per slot in booking system -2.02
INSERT a row which contains a calculated columns base on the same row +1.51
SQL Joining two tables and removing the duplicates from the two tab... +1.33
Compare Difference of Successive Rows Within The Same Table +2.36
Select Customer ID with Condition From Customer Table and Count all... +0.50
Oracle Cross Join based on first row 0.00
Months not being combined in Count Case When statement -0.01
SQL Query to update earliest date for unique combinations -0.61
SQL Pivot with Current Status +2.00
Variable value was lost when while loop finished 0.00
Filtering the same query 3 different times. Performance? +0.76
Can you rearrange rows in sql tables accodring to a custom logic? +0.44
Why converting empty value to datetime2 is throwing conversion erro... -0.36
Use WHERE conditions as column names in query results -1.23
Finding Path (like Dijkstra) in Relation with SQL 0.00
Why is this SQL/DDL violating the wrong Integrity constraint? -2.13
Finding Duplicates in SQL -0.86
How to compare multiple columns, on multiple rows - comparison only... +0.76
What does it mean if the column “column” is NULL when running the s... +0.50
How to use ms sql query to determine max number of concurrent sessi... 0.00
Selecting only the closest value using LEFT JOIN and ON statement 0.00
SQL Select multiple value between brackets in a string 0.00
SQL select distinct data without ordering the column +0.46
Building table of unique sets 0.00
MySQL - Count Rows between two values in a Column repeatedly +0.15
In SQL Server delete duplicates of date leaving only one record as... -0.48
Assistance with adding a record to a table without using the actual... 0.00
Struggling with extracting values from XML data (T-SQL) 0.00
Find between which 2 numbers a value lies in MySQL +2.58
Counting events before a specific event +0.33
What is the actual purpose of return keyword in a stored procedure? 0.00
SQL Server : find duplicate record by column value +0.66
SQL Server : Select WHERE Field may not contain VALUE -0.68
How can I improve the native query for a table with 7 millions rows? -0.15
How can I select the closest value in SQL,but only when that value... -1.06
SQL OPENJSON to Single Column -1.60
How to avoid nested keys and values while joining tables and using... -1.51
Conversion of string to DateTime & using conversion in Where Cl... +0.47
Calculations through a hierarchy in SQL -0.75
check value before update in table +0.47
Subtracting time in oracle sql -1.81
mySQL Inserting values randomly from another table +1.38
What am I doing wrong in this where statement? +1.23
Check constraint on join +1.58
Need to remove first three alphabets from a string in PROC SQL +0.24
How to output the value of one column in variables into -0.66
How to select only latest added records avoiding duplicates -1.68