An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1592.65 (2,148th)
6,080 (26,823rd)
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Title Δ
smallest divisor of an integer without computing the square root ex... -2.32
the result of assignment Logic operation +3.44
Why does heapify swap the top of the heap with the element at the b... +3.33
std::next_permutation Implementation Explanation +3.03
C++ - File I/O and Char arrays -4.21
Difficulty summing the elements of a 2D vector 0.00
As the delete operator deallocates memory, why do I need a destruct... +1.41
Remove Element from std::vector<std::string> > +3.45
error C2039: 'Open' : is not a member of 'std::basic_fstream +3.40
Arithmetic expression as printf arg -1.44
C++ What's wrong with this class? -1.17
Confusion with typedef and pointers in C -0.81
invalid conversion from 'char' to 'char*' using strcpy +1.16
Passing an array to a function and then changing the values? +3.63
Generate all ways of selection of n items +1.73
Properly Saving to file with a file name 0.00
Understanding Recursion to generate permutations +0.71
Why is std::bitset::at() throwing out_of_range? +3.56
C++ object instantiation and scope +2.18
reverse link list using recursion +2.86
2^power without using math.pow and multiplication +3.45
Custom sorting algorithms' speed problem +3.27
Initialize struct in class constructor +2.06
algorithm complexity question of f>>g & f>g +2.44
sum linked list -2.11
Why does printf not work before infinite loop? -1.96
How to generate array-list of all combinations of a table in C/C++ +3.53
Initializing a member class of an object using a non-default constr... +3.84
Ternary conditional and assignment operator precedence -4.19
About command line arguments of main function +3.54
Passing parameters, pointer and adress problem +1.28
calculate the sum of all element in a double array +0.95
Program always producing same value? +3.28
Dynamic Array Output Problem +4.84
Convert One Dimensional Arrary to Two Dimensional in C++ +0.67
qsorting an array of class pointers 0.00
C++ String Class Input +1.92
store line in linked list (c) -0.42
Lookahead in C/Reading +3.56
Aligning output to the terminal using C++ +4.03
Data Structures - lists 0.00
Big-O analysis with functions within functions +3.59
Problem calculating overlapping date ranges -4.21
optimal method to find first available bit -0.82
Generate a list of all unique Tic Tac Toe boards -1.92
C++ increment issues +1.79
nondeterministic finite automation question 0.00
Combination C code for a random set of integers +3.49
C++ Selection Sort of an Array of String Objects -4.69
What is wrong with my program?? Basic C++ +2.77