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Dave W. Smith

1484.20 (4,476,280th)
16,511 (8,428th)
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Title Δ
Flask: Route path that cointains "/" in variable section 0.00
python flask base.html doesn't display {{user.username} 0.00
Jinja change variable value in IF condition 0.00
Flask-Login extension fail to register, login Manager not defined 0.00
Flask + Gevent, monkey.patch_all() breaks flask 0.00
Transactions not working as expected SQLAlchemy -0.48
i've got a problem with flask using app.route() 0.00
I have a problem reading CSS files with Flask Python +0.02
Docker Container server not sending data +0.52
environ variable not visible to flask app 0.00
SQLite Flask - Can't open database file in EC2 when running db.... 0.00
Python different errors with image upload and OCR response dependin... 0.00
Problem when I use @login_required in Flask 0.00
Flask config.from_object ignored by WSGI server 0.00
Docker container with Flask App: Can't access my application 0.00
Matplotlib prompts python launched to open in Flask Application 0.00
Flask & uwsgi not rendering files from static folder -0.92
How can a webcam be accessed using opencv with python? +0.01
Flask redirect call in @app.before_request breaks all .css and .js 0.00
Flask reading Dict -2.18
Pylint Import "import routes" should be placed at the top... -0.48
How can i fix TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscript... 0.00
FlaskForm not Validating on Submit 0.00
Multiprocess can not work in flask when I deploy flask to server by... 0.00
Form isn't validating despite having a csrf token +0.02
Python Flask app runs locally, but returns AttributeError when host... +0.52
What's the proper way to use SQLAlchemy Sessions with Celery? 0.00
wxPython and Flask integration 0.00
Python json: json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1... 0.00
I'm trying to build a web app using flask, but changes I make t... 0.00
gunicorn flask server returns 404 for existing endpoint 0.00
OpenCV Match Template - Threshold never equal to 1 0.00
Tesseract unable to read the digits in an image (Captcha) 0.00
NonType to tensor in Colab 0.00
How to include one css file into another with flask? +0.52
Small app works on desktop in virtualenv but fails intermittently o... 0.00
How to get contours as image with opencv -1.89
Using cv2 to import coordinates of an image into Python. Coordinate... 0.00
Flask page not showing the content that it is supposed to show -0.47
OpenCv issues in Python Resutling 'int' object is not calla... 0.00
How to locate an image in another image while ignoring transparent... 0.00
Why does Pillow Python invert the color of a CMYK image when conver... -0.48
Routing inside routes - A setup function was called after the first... 0.00
Flask Celery: Event synchronization type 0.00
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable in Flask,... 0.00
Error, but nothing seems to be wrong? cv2 - python +0.02
Flask SQLAlchemy query.all() returns all ids only 0.00
Launch Flask in a Thread -0.48
Python Flask API Returning CSV Content But File Not Downloading (Go... 0.00
Object is not legal as a SQL literal value -0.49