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Antoine V

1505.70 (122,912th)
5,114 (32,340th)
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Title Δ
How can I get the following items from a list with entity framework? 0.00
Passing derived class to method when parameter type is base class 0.00
Down casting an array of Int[] into an array of Byte[] -0.88
i am unable to pass array as function i can solve? +1.61
Value cannot be null. (DataGridView) -0.39
C# XML getting a duplicated empty node? +0.49
How to order properties with Json.NET, if a class has JsonExtension... 0.00
How to use same instance? 0.00
Why am I not able to insert a value to a StringBuilder inside a LIN... -0.45
How to detect and delete a line in a text file containing a specifi... +2.00
How to convert a json values to a dictionary in c# and address them... 0.00
How to parse out a html-element without a class, id etc +0.49
Parse XML file nodes and store it to a Dictionary +2.39
C# Override List<T> Add method to check for list being null +2.85
Convert response stream to XML -0.51
Replace a string where a numeric value occurs(1000000) should be in... +1.22
Get Selected Files Paths 0.00
Stack overflow exception when creating interfaces in C# 0.00
Two almost identical functions, one works, the other does not? -0.26
Why does using Linq Group By Sum give me a cast error? 0.00
Conditional Operator Not Showing if .Count == 0 -1.21
Using linq to group by and merge property values of duplicates +3.16
What's the most suited types for a list of one keys associated... -1.81
C# flatten a list of objects with a list property -1.15
ZipArchive Entry.FullName mangled 0.00
How do I display a confirmation message with trying to delete a rec... -0.86
Ordering Items by List Item in EntityFramework +0.53
CustomAttribute: how to set DateTime.Now +0.03
WPF TextBox databinding, works only partially +0.16
Regex escaping in a c# string 0.00
CSVHelper - Issue with Date and decimal value(seperator used as Com... +0.57
Get string between specific character -0.64
C# - Set HttpClient Headers to POST data to Azure REST API -0.49
Get a property from object 0.00
Is this a valid model for such a view? +0.00
Put Double `""` into a String -1.38
Static string interpolation +1.61
Returning instance of resource class +2.21
How to Activator.CreateInstance a type which have not constructors? +0.50
Aspose.Cells.CellsException - "You are using an evaluation cop... +0.39
How can i make my void public to use everywhere -0.34
Convert string to standard c# datetime +0.90
Linq Projection Count By Id 0.00
Youtube Iframe can't work without refresh -0.97
How can I set the property value to 0 if the referenced model is NU... +2.14
How to send a number from a form in C# to a console program in C++ +0.47
I have problem reading file property "file type" with c# 0.00
How can I read return value from Async method in C#? -1.04
C# Pause one console application when other console application sta... -0.51
Get index of parameter of element in list -0.43