An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1507.77 (94,853rd)
152 (535,447th)
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Title Δ
Inserting script generated columns into HTML generated columns -0.14
I am trying to hide an input and show it with jquery but the input... -2.13
How to getting this value of dynamically-added checkboxes into a hi... 0.00
How to get the index of the list active element when there are no ids -1.42
Any way to show div on same page using jquery? Div class has parame... 0.00
Array not being pushed as a new index, but as a new array -4.68
Attributes required not working on cloned elements -4.23
Form tag is not being populated 0.00
jQuery sum the values of table rows -0.32
Uncaught ReferenceError: response is not defined +3.74
Jquery Ajax script request still loads even after aborting the call... 0.00
JSON Array values coming back undefined in node.js +3.83
Event change in dynamic fields with jquery 0.00
How to remove table row if the form any of the input or select was... +3.89
jQuery button one click two functions -4.20
Refresh a image in modal window after replaced without Closing modal 0.00
G. Books api request 0.00
CkEditor conflict with jquery form +3.84
Attaching evt listener to dynamically-created class 0.00
Submit FormData to php from a form created by javascript function +3.89
Trim first and last character from CSS class +1.93
Set value of input field, based on click on a set of a href links -0.17
JQuery Syntax Errors in .js file, are my Script tags wrong? 0.00
JQuery Bootstrap selectpicker show optgroup 0.00
How to get values out of Ajax success data function +0.03
How can I pass a string array created in my Javascript to C# code b... 0.00
jQuery ajax get image data from server 0.00
Remove last comma inside a div in a WordPress page using JS/jQuery +3.91
Ajax post is not receiving json from mvc controller 0.00