An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1597.34 (1,851st)
7,493 (21,164th)
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Title Δ
Explanation for base case return value in recursive linked list rev... 0.00
Understanding printed output for a BST traversal 0.00
Convert NFA for email validation into DFA 0.00
how to construct a query from an object using keys and values - Jav... 0.00
Drawing radiating circular trapezoid pattern with Turtle 0.00
Time complexity of a function with two recursive calls that divide... 0.00
Scraping a specific group of <li> nested in <ul> 0.00
Sort dataframe column according to last string of cell in pandas 0.00
How to shuffle a python list such that the occurrence of some eleme... 0.00
re.findall() function returning empty list 0.00
List comprehension to replace values in a string with key strings f... 0.00
jq how to merge multiple arrays? 0.00
How to handle empty string in jq 0.00
Find the nearest 3d point 0.00
Using nested if statements in Java to calculate letter grade from n... 0.00
How to build a nested tree structure from a list of adjacencies? 0.00
Create nested dictionary from file column and row headers 0.00
DFS problem solving with recursion how does it work? 0.00
I need a to get a value in a map so that its key that includes a va... 0.00
Flatten multidimensional array of numbers recursively 0.00
How to store the output of a recursive function in Python? 0.00
Find all unique nodes of a n-ary tree in all paths that reach a cer... 0.00
Computing enum "string" from the value 0.00
How do I print a list of numbers vertically? 0.00
find the minimum number of words(distance) between repeated occurre... 0.00
Collecting multiply return values in a recursive function call (aut... 0.00
Difficulty in keypad print using recursive approach 0.00
Python returning character from list name instead of list item 0.00
Return value for each element called (accessed) (passed) (traversed... 0.00
How can I remove text in <li> and after <div> 0.00
vim regex : how to replace enclosing backticks with tags 0.00
Java replace initial characters in String and preserve length 0.00
Recursion tracing in lisp... could use some advice 0.00
Counting how many times a number appears in a random array 0.00
How to remove everything after a certain character in Notepad++ 0.00
Recursive function in pandas dataframe 0.00
Find the matching opening/closing brace index in a string 0.00
calculate sum, average array of object in js use reduce or for loop 0.00
SQL recursion in python 0.00
pandas dataframe-python check if string exists in another column ig... 0.00
Using regex to find first bracketed content in Python 3 0.00
Max of each 2D matrix in 4D NumPy array 0.00
Extract specific elements from array to create ranges 0.00
How to make text fade in and out for different sentences in Javascr... 0.00
How to merge these two regular expressions? 0.00
convert adjacency matrix to adjacency list to represent a graph 0.00
Counting internal (non-leaf) nodes in a tree starting from any node 0.00
Concatenate arrays by column in python 0.00
Print Words Vertically in JavaScript +1.71
Building a Linked List of Strings -2.98