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Rory Daulton

1608.59 (1,449th)
13,916 (10,290th)
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Title Δ
Print list of items line by line in a file 0.00
Using a function that finds divisors, find the greatest common divi... 0.00
I have 10 variables and I have to fill them with either 1 or -1 , h... +0.88
How to format a top10 counter function +1.21
How to plot graph between -0.1 and 0.1 in python using matplot? 0.00
Codility problem to find optimal way for get number equal to L = N... -1.43
Checking whether two lists are similar or not +0.31
Turtle Filling Colors - I'm trying to choose the color when I c... 0.00
Checking validity of permutations in python 0.00
itertools and permutations - Merge two lists in order to make all p... -0.17
Hyphen missing with reading in text file +1.58
2 lists (A and B), if A doesn't contain a value in B, round A t... +0.36
Why does my code print a value that I have not assigned as yet? 0.00
How to draw a tree more beautifully in networkx +1.51
Nested for loop only runs on first iteration +0.37
It keeps on giving me a name error when I try to make several branc... 0.00
Loop through Python list with 2 variables +0.57
How to use python when learning algorithms? +1.09
Adding 2 decimal numbers in strings, retaining precision +0.20
Sum of distance between every pair of same element in an array -0.56
How to convert a for loop into a mathematical function/expression? 0.00
Sliding on a plane 0.00
How do you combine lists of multiple dictionaries in Python? -1.10
Detecting which words are the same between two pieces of text -0.15
Convert incremental grid index to (x,y) coordinates 0.00
Calculating a floating-point value to multiply an integer with to p... +1.47
How do I print 2 variable alternatively n number of time 0.00
Unable to reset counters in for loop +1.14
counting nucleotides script (fill in the gaps) +0.81
How to write different array together to a file 0.00
entry_fn(i, j) to make a matrix +0.35
How to access variables in the caller library? -0.90
Generate specific combinations of lists in Python +0.33
wont register or allow me to import time module in python +0.36
How to detect "{" or "}" in .format -1.47
How to put a limit in a function -0.12
How to calculate two orthogonal points of a line? 0.00
Whether the `odd-even check` only can check the data correctness wi... 0.00
The code is working properly but I am not able to solve all test ca... -0.14
Numpy: Create sine wave with exponential decay +1.44
To find the minimum(least) number of Unique numbers in a given list... +0.05
Rounding a math calculation up, without math.ceil()? +1.02
Finding maximum possible count of elements in list whom all sharing... +1.06
How do you reverse this string using a for loop +0.36
How to print elements in Python linked list alternatively left and... -0.14
Representing Recursive Summations 0.00
Concatenation using the + and += operators in Python 0.00
Rendering number to n variable places +0.45
Why doesn't range return an array but does when I add it to a l... +1.08
How to access variables in more global functions within a nested fu... 0.00