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Berkay Yaylac─▒

1528.21 (20,243rd)
3,306 (51,087th)
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Title Δ
Base Class Serialization Issue - do not serialize Derived Class Pro... -1.13
Compare two struct List and find if item of list1 appears in item o... -0.31
User-defined condition variable for package referencing in C# .NET... +1.44
How to get keys of object (key-value) in C# +0.44
EnableCors attribute not adding Access-Control-Allow-Origin to API... +0.02
Compare chars in two strings of different length in C# 0.00
System.IO.IOException: 'The process cannot access the file beca... 0.00
Handling a conditional statement in a single line +1.58
C# anonymous object as parameter not working +0.44
How to extract a versionName in a list of data? -0.04
How to get rows when their first 8 digits matched which are compared +0.46
SQL - Condition in where clause -1.52
How can I return the selected items in View? 0.00
How do i convert an int retrieved from a database to string -0.30
Parsing a cell value from a column with modified HeaderText 0.00
What is correct Linq syntax to get multiple aggregate results from... -2.05
IP to DNS in DataGridView populated from MSSQL? 0.00
How can I write to a list that is inside an instance of another cla... 0.00
Why is LinkedListNode Next property readonly? -1.11
How can I display datatable datetime column as date in Combo Box wh... 0.00
EF6 Context lost when using subset +0.46
Entity Framework Include/select only certain properties from differ... -0.37
Prevent insert after first execution of my method -0.01
C# listview1 throws error after first selection +0.45
Winform - Continue from a ShowDialog without hiding the window -0.11
Is there a way I can check every item in a list and produce a resul... -0.07
c# Find missing sequence number on object using linq 0.00
Application crash while Bitmap image assign to Picturebox in Winforms -0.04
Is there a way to combine several private void button_click into to... -0.04
System.StackOverflowException while filling the list +0.82
Populate Textbox with ID column of related selected value from Comb... 0.00
Timer does not start with opening a file with openFiledialog 0.00
Set default value to DataGridViewComboBoxColumn cells after using D... 0.00
Fit image into datagridview column 0.00
How to display dynamic query result from listbox into datagridview 0.00
Insert from datagridview to database +0.41
Enable button after input text field generated by jquery is filled +0.95
How add specified items to listbox from file? -1.30
c# Reflection change get method of a property +1.78
How to prevent continue clicks on the element? +0.66
Function not outputting code from array into div correctly 0.00
How to access methods of subclass in object array C#? +0.01
An intersect for 2 Arraylists +1.91
Converting String to Int and adding a specific value -0.39
Onclick the jquery event button color not changing +0.66
Record audio from a media player -0.54
How to repeat a character using Javascript? -0.57
JQuery sidebar sildes after pressing menu button +2.05
How to properly indent list items -0.17
4 'div's cannot align horizontally -0.21