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Jeremy Todd

1521.71 (28,727th)
2,820 (59,891st)
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Title Δ
Wrapping A EF Method 0.00
Readonly Fields or Properties 0.00
I have a base class. How do I call the right method for the right d... +3.91
Entity Framework POCO Eager Loading children -3.11
CodeContracts: requires unproven: (image.PixelFormat & PixelFor... 0.00
Filtering navigation properties in EF Code First 0.00
declare code as side-effects free using microsoft code contracts 0.00
EF6 - Code First - Are property mappings needed? -0.63
EF POCO table splitting: both entities load 0.00
C# Entity Framework 5.0 Generic LINQ 0.00
Entity relationship not working 0.00
Checking for incorrect input inside properties in C# -2.91
Entity Framework ForeignKey troubles -0.23
EF Code First table.add() Method always returning nullreference Exc... 0.00
Avoid circular dependency when storing revisions? +4.10
Conflicting changes to the role ... in EF4 -0.24
Entity framwork mutiple object relation 0.00
Accessing columns in cross reference table via LINQ with Entity Fra... 0.00
Entity Framework 5 Get All method -1.25
Generics and Interface issue -0.29
Simplest way to get all MemberInfos that reflect the state of an ob... +3.40
Get dictionary key-value pairs without knowing its type +3.72
Object Initializer where property isn't assigned 0.00
Loading a context 0.00
How to store two same entities in a database? Entity framework, c# 0.00
Job assigment with NO cost, would Hungarian method work? -1.26
The type was not mapped 0.00
How do I collapse a Category attribute with System.ComponentModel? 0.00
Call a generic extension method on another generic extension method... -2.82
C# Multiple class events +1.07
Inheritance, only use the properties of your base class instead of... -0.40
Reducing the number of trips to the database using EF and LINQ -2.07
In Entity Framework, how do I create an Association Property in code? +3.76
Define a variable with a subvariable (or with a property) +5.23
Entity Framework Not Recognizing Different Schema in TableAttribute 0.00
Why am I getting error: "cannot implicitly convert type System... -0.52
Is List<T> really an undercover Array in C#? +0.42
How to add conditional condition to LINQ query based on a previousl... -4.14
Size of different objects in memory -3.18
IEquatable on POCO identity field +3.92
Ambiguous call when a method has overloads for IDictionary and IDic... -1.73
C# interfaces and generics +3.20
Why does C# tease with structural typing when it absolutely knows i... +3.91
Should enum be refactored to a class when more functionality is req... +1.48
How do I use Moq and check just part of an object passed into a fun... +3.92
LazyInitializer vs Lazy<T> class. When to use each one 0.00
Drupal 7 annoying content output 0.00
Can I manually validate a property using a custom validation attrib... 0.00
Sanitize table/column name in Dynamic SQL in .NET? (Prevent SQL inj... 0.00
Best way to cache a reflection property getter / setter? -0.62