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Robert Seaman

1499.72 (3,628,654th)
962 (158,284th)
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Title Δ
Using a mutable default argument, how to access the object from out... -4.08
Accessing collection field inside python dictionary 0.00
How to make my script menu execute my subscripts in Unix 0.00
How can I clone a MongoDB database in a script? 0.00
TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not ObjectId +3.93
bash getopts loop not iterating 0.00
How to health check the server status and database status of Mongodb? 0.00
How to select an object in array that have an item equal to a field... 0.00
Bash script for loop which the last statement is first calculated -0.06
Mongo error: "$out stage requires a string argument, but found... +4.02
mongodb cannot drop database when secondary is down 0.00
Exception authenticating MongoCredential and Uncategorized Mongo Db... 0.00
Find and print the biggest word with a pattern -1.84
Resolve variable from config-file based on output 0.00
Unix Copy Command +0.12
Pipe two log generating programs in parallel into one python program 0.00
AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 0.00
Trying to have a bash script timeout if a certain condition is not... 0.00
How to convert output to a list +1.91
Extract initials from firstname and surname and compare these to se... +0.10
Find count of identical adjacent characters in a string -0.85
How to randomize contents of a list -4.07
Python Syntax error E001 0.00
Bash append values to a list inside a for loop +5.02
The advantage of shift in shell script over reassign value straight... +4.06
use sed and grep to find title in file1 and move the content to fil... +1.76
Error running interactive Docker on git-bash (prefixing winpty does... 0.00
Test if netcat listener got a connection and run a command locally 0.00
Replacing the file name which comes with # (Hash) using sed 0.00
How to convert shell script variable from string to an integer +4.19
`ls M*` displayes the subdirectory -1.77
how to create same line if else statement around wc -l output +4.24
How do I specify default list values for bash variables? -2.89
Using re.findall in a txt file -4.31
How to sort files by last modified time using stat -c '%n%Y'... +3.90
Grep Substring and Print Complete String only along with filename +3.99
Insert a list in a list python +3.63
Why do I get a "IndexError: list index out of range" error? 0.00
python and multiprocessing -0.50
how to set method to get total length for each points 0.00
Redirection of crash output 0.00
Shell: Copy list of files with full folder structure stripping N le... -3.76
How to add specific keys of a dict to another dict if a condition i... 0.00
what did I do wrong in initializing my array with 0 ? -1.75
Test each element of string array and output boolean array 0.00
Timeout during fetching https website using Python 0.00
Script to replace text with asterisks not working 0.00
Python 3 sched module 0.00
filter a dictionary if value of a key is true - python +4.31
Escape single quotes in shell script -1.85