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nikhil sugandh

1381.45 (4,259,961st)
1,311 (121,569th)
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Title Δ
Why are the results of two SQL statements different? -0.09
How to compare timestamp with current time in oracle sql -0.47
Can't get a select statement to work within subprogram +0.16
How do I display a column in table a based on the average of a colu... +0.09
How to keep initial value of a field after POST is done -1.17
How to retrieve the data from the column that contains kumar +0.16
Increment new column after insert -1.37
someone guide me a code i want to write a procedure in sql oracle w... +1.15
Oracle String Conversion -0.26
confused with multiple AND predicates -1.00
oracle: query to have as output scale and precision for numeric col... -0.97
Execute two UPDATEs on complementary data at once in Oracle -1.18
Get a certain value in a group by statement -0.38
Sql server bcp export binary in csv, How do I replace it with '... -0.34
set system date/ constraint 0.00
How to filter txt from url -1.04
Dont get the output out of char palindrom[] -0.35
Update a newly created column using the information from a select -... 0.00
Need to find & replace text in a query 0.00
SQL query that combine 3 tables with a string like output +2.96
In a stored procedure how to skip to next query statement even if t... -0.45
Move columns to rows -0.84
SQL view: How do I create a view to get the top 5 highest values fo... 0.00
How do i write a query to select the top and bottom 3 values from 2... -0.34
How to extract fractional digits of double -0.71
How can I output a column twice and with different values based on... -1.08
natural join or outer join in this application? +1.30
How to union two tables A and B but B has one column missing while... 0.00
Trying to find a sql query for finding the max of a sum -1.08
Custom query to get data that's not in other table -0.26
Conditional SUM() based on Month of date +0.93
In SQL how to show values of two rows and ratio of the values of th... -0.41
How to do fuzzy search in MySQL when separating the characters of t... 0.00
Issue with trigger for archiving -0.24
How to store rank of a user in a level with his score in SQL table -0.73
Doing Math with Dates given in the problem -0.31
Full Text Search Using Multiple Partial Words -0.11
How to select the unique value of cell in a column -1.02
Sort by one column, but get offset by another -0.78
combine different row data into one cell in sql +2.87
How to query, "If this column contains 'this' then rep... +0.07
Selecting records that only have a number in a VARCHAR column +0.66
How can I print multiple queries at once, resulting in 1 table? 0.00
How to search for texts -0.59
How to make sql query for adding calculated values group by id? +0.65
Using "Trigger" to prevent the person from adding 0.00
Numeric value out of range: 1690 BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of ra... +1.06
Function-based index behavior when function depends on data from an... 0.00
Fetching records using join +0.67
Select groups based off of single row value within group? -0.24