An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Raktim Biswas

1501.94 (353,233rd)
3,621 (46,273rd)
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Title Δ
Openxml, excel truncating leading zeros 0.00
How can I import a javascript library into a simple .js file? 0.00
Upload files to Sonatype Nexus 3 using Python 0.00
Read Nexus 2.x logs using REST +4.18
WinstonJS integrate timestamp into log file name for FileTransport 0.00
What are the steps to connect Jira, oauth on a node server? 0.00
Parsing Spanish date in C# works differently on desktop and server -3.82
Active reports multi line text box issue 0.00
NodeJS request object is empty on GET request +3.94
How to remove <p> </p> tag from starting string +3.18
SQL query to get only image name with extension without complete pa... -1.27
Easy way to Print Values of a dictionary? -0.93
Changing The Label Text in Button Click - Understanding For Loop -2.44
Index was out of the bounds of the array -0.43
How to open project VS 2015 with VS Code? -0.26
Checkbox CheckedChanged not working properly 0.00
C programming printf 0.00
Can't get integer input in c +4.00
How can I split a string like "12-15" into two numbers? +3.98
Array output structure +3.04
Cannot invoke sqrt(double) on the primitive type double -2.72
Convert string with date & UTC offset to DateTime +4.15
To write summation of numbers with a for-loop -1.88
WebBrowser control chops off lower 25% of screen 0.00
Check checkbox based on database query +0.14
.NET Decimal.Parse throws a FormatException when using period as th... -0.74
TabPage is bigger than TabControl -3.85
Operation on server time using c# 0.00
How to get message over the text box 0.00
Extract and Transform -1.18
Why the ContextMenu right mouse click on ListView items is not work... 0.00
Loop multiple images through multiple pictureboxes +4.00
C# MySQL Query is not working -4.41
Show a slow simulation using Thread.Sleep() 0.00
Input url of photo in textbox and show it at picturebox +4.14
tabcontrol validating when tabpage change 0.00
How Multiple Forms can Call Same Method on Their Load Event -3.99
Grow windows form with button click +1.51
How to add strings and show as a full sentence -3.97
StringBuilder AppendFormat IEnumarble -3.22
Insert Double In Sql Server +4.04
how do you echo text from a file using batch? +0.05
Create an outline of a certain color on combobox when selected inde... +0.65
DateTime format as "Fri, 14 Oct 2011 23:10:10 -0000" 0.00
Passing Values from one Form to another Form in a Button click -1.27
Flip text vertically using Drawstring +4.73
Creating a "Mario Style Pyramid" 0.00
How can I clear the contents of a "comboBox" after I have... +1.48
How are methods with arguments invoked? -1.90
Cross Country/Region DateTime Formating -1.94