An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Venkata Gogu

1523.05 (26,614th)
561 (249,270th)
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Title Δ
Python Compare Dataframe columns and replace with contents based on... +3.77
How to club different excel files into one workbook with different... 0.00
yahoo_quote_download doesn't return a pandas DataFrame or a CSV... 0.00
append two data frames with unequal columns +0.83
How to check if a list can be sorted with one swap of two elements... 0.00
How to convert these 2 date/time columns into 1? +4.46
Uber array Asking 0.00
AttributeError: Unknown property column 0.00
backslash removal while constructing absolute path -2.34
Saving results of loop iterations in a game +4.11
Appending to dictionary with loop +4.47
Python - Unexpected behaviour of class attributes +1.82
Get fourth to last line where a string occurs in a file +3.54
Find multiple subtrings in string that vary slightly +0.73
Insert rows into pandas DataFrame while maintaining column data types -3.15
Need to find a maximum in a list of lists +4.60
Remove select characters from xml tags using regex +3.50
Finding array partition where max(left) < min(right) - possible... -3.29