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1488.86 (4,432,388th)
3,419 (49,305th)
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Title Δ
Is encoding ASCII character as multiple bytes legal in UTF-8? 0.00
Why do the addresses of initial array elements compare equal? -1.59
GCC compiling error: 64-bit mode not compiled in 0.00
where to add directory for def file in visual studio +0.11
Disable tail calls to a function in Visual Studio 0.00
How to create .vcxitems in visual studio 2015 0.00
How to see the assembly code from a Ansi C hello world written in V... -2.81
Removing unused .lib files from Visual C++ build 0.00
Why don't static arrays need to be freed? +0.45
Make .c file as a library error +4.36
How to find C++ symbol definition by name in Visual Studio 0.00
What is this if statement checking? -2.18
Code works in one Visual Studio C++ project, but not the other 0.00
C: Loops, conditions, structs in memory -2.94
Loss of precision at run time when linking against specific librari... 0.00
use c++ method in c program -2.47
Building LLVM using Visual Studio -3.98
Bit manipulation in C - builtin function 0.00
Is there a way to block a single thread until a semaphore or input... -4.38
Error: expression must be a modifiable lvalue (tal * tal) -4.09
"Rule useless in parser" with two operators in a row +0.10
How to interleave 2 booleans using bitwise operators? +4.47
Compile a C library with Visual Studio 2010 0.00
What is the meaning of `struct X typedef` vs. `typedef struct X`? -0.09
Read a txt file in Mathematica -0.07
-DWORD * float saved to signed long long - out of range or wrong ca... -3.81
How do I multiply this in C? +3.63
wait for visual studio GUI in console 0.00
How visual studio compiler identifies syntax error before we run it 0.00
Object files, linkers, archives, etc: where can I find an entry-lev... 0.00
Two main() in C++ project won't build -4.09
Win32 changing to binary mode child's Stdout (pipe) 0.00
Calculating percentage in C in Windows 0.00
Does calling a stdio function result in a system call every time? -1.74
Configurations from External Projects in Visual Studio 2012 0.00
convert a UTF8 string to a UTF16 string in c++ 0.00
Recreating a C make-file with correct link order and dependencies +2.67
Setting a VS2010 environment variable from a batch file? 0.00
visual studio breakpoints 0.00
Why doesn't this purposely made invalid file positioning not bringi... -2.44
Linker error: already defined -4.19
How to reverse an int but grouped by 2 bit in C? +1.68
list of garbage characters like ’ 0.00
Am I adding .lib files in VS 2008 correctly? c++ 0.00
Visual C++ "Debug Assertion Failed" +3.74
How do I take the address of one past the end of an array if the la... +0.70
Keep source files in an external directory in Visual Studio/C++ 0.00
Trying to understand the interaction between compiler and linker fo... 0.00
Identifying which logical core is hyperthreaded and which one is not -4.04
Where does $4 come from here? -0.04