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Peter Walser

1528.69 (19,271st)
10,603 (14,207th)
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Title Δ
Last 3 non zero digits from factorial 0.00
REST web service: Error code should be 404 or 405? 0.00
[Unsupported ciphersuite][Java SSLSocket] 0.00
In a RESTful API, is generating a resource using PUT and an empty b... 0.00
Arrays.sort() vs sorting using map 0.00
Failed to convert from type [java.lang.String] to type [java.lang.L... 0.00
Writing 100,000 lines in a csv in fastest way possible +0.45
I want to shorten this method, can you help me? -1.77
Jackson JsonNode with empty element key +0.46
How do I make a Java function that retries a URL connection every h... +0.46
How to reverse 1000 so that the output will be 1 (not 0001) using r... +0.46
Joda Time Returns Correct Date, but Java Time Doesn't -0.54
How to read string from .properties File 0.00
Convert to bold,italic,strikethrought text in java 0.00
getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream() not work in modular java pro... 0.00
Is it better to make temporary copies of elements in an ArrayLists... +0.46
How to get cpu usage using java? -0.04
How to detect different non-numerical input in Java? +0.46
Problems using spring @Scheduled +1.46
SpringBoot ArrayList/JSON: add all Elements of a certain type to a... 0.00
How to represent known size set of unknown size elements with Java? -0.20
Is there a functional difference between using \r and \n - Java +0.46
Java - Cron job - if an instance triggers a batch job, prevent othe... -0.52
How to see if a Class<?> is actually Class<T>? +1.73
Can a data structure have O(1) access time without using any arrays? -1.62
Postman request body in Pre-request script 0.00
Is it worthy using AOP in a Spring-boot application? -0.15
What is the use of service layer in Spring Boot applications? -1.34
Java Float value round off 0.00
How to put java data into a json file? -0.04
table not dropped properly -0.04
In a Postman pre-request-script, how can I read the actual value of... -0.55
is this the right way to make builder pattern in real software envi... +2.04
Swing's KeyStroke.getKeyStroke() returns UNKNOWN 0.00
Generate random float, both bounds inclusive +0.41
Is there a way to create a JFrame in an online compiler? -0.02
Is there a way to return a generic supertype without casting in Java? -2.16
Chaining multiple Java Optionals -0.01
find first and last date of the last month -0.77
Data structure for linked list -0.35
Cannot compile a java library with Gradle, works with the IDE +0.17
How to validate russian letters? 0.00
How do I make a delay in a GUI that works separately from the other... -0.20
How to ignore property in one Entity and not to ignore in another -... -2.32
Add new record to oracle database from Java Gui +1.81
How to check more than one condition in a method and do something b... 0.00
Integrating Angular 5 in J2EE application 0.00
Java 8 alternative for validating data inside multiple nested loops -0.21
Configure LocaldateTime in Spring Rest API +0.43
Render only a part of a JTable's model 0.00