An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1502.42 (330,561st)
30,832 (3,925th)
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Title Δ
How to define Periodic updated value without var definition in scala +0.50
Java OptionalDataException when only serializing objects (no primit... 0.00
Filter on GRE packets payload ip /dst 0.00
What does struct { .attr = value } syntax mean? 0.00
MIPS can li and sb be combined into one instruction? 0.00
Java Constructor will not take correct arguments -0.38
Can someone explain to me how the environ variable works in C++? -0.35
How to compare strings in C for a condition -0.41
Java - why does assigning "null" to variable does not mak... +0.50
Have I to throw an exception? +1.10
C - Invalid Initializer +0.50
Saving off the current read position so I can seek to it later -0.83
How do I make a string a string array? -0.02
How can I write a program that transforms letters to upper or lower... -1.98
Associative array in java? +0.25
Java - Check if item is in array -1.29
Error while solving Project Euler sum number 3 in C++ +1.03
atoi in java using charAt +1.47
Why output is 0? +1.24
How to pass an entire map +0.81
Does malloc() always work to increase the size of an array? -1.61
fork() child and parent processes +1.16
What happens when a ListIterator is created? +0.13
Is this c++ inheritance structure possible? +0.89
How do I return a variable size string from a function? -0.77
Strtok segfault -0.01
Programmatically animate a blender model — where to start? -0.00
Differences between C++ and Java compilation process 0.00
Database access in c +1.57
Grails cascade delete? 0.00
How to get the input from a text box on a webpage form -0.33
SIGTTIN problem 0.00
What does the 'new' keyword actually do in Java, and should I avoid... +1.53
Generics with Spring +0.97
Problem in translating from MIPS to C 0.00
c, segmentation fault -1.79
How can I create a Makefile for C projects with SRC, OBJ, and BIN s... -0.54
Calculating address of labels 0.00
Best open-source genetic programming framework in Java -0.50
Java object-model and type identified methods +1.16
C free and struct -0.85
Maven3 antrun: failed to create task or type replaceregexp 0.00
Getting different output with printf and cout - C++ -0.60
MIPS floating point add example 0.00
Accessing elements of a matrix row-wise versus column-wise +0.46
Why the result of 1/3=0 in java? -0.61
Mips Output syscall 0.00
Substring in Mips 0.00
Delete from an ArrayList in Java +1.20
In C, what does a variable declaration with two asterisks (**) mean? +0.29