An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1449.59 (4,532,764th)
2,930 (57,717th)
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Title Δ
Accounting spaces in palindrome program +3.20
Using the "in" operator, brackets vs. curly brackets +5.69
how to split a string in a for loop -0.95
Non-blocking sockets in Python 0.00
Running a script from within a shell -3.26
Finding the most common elements in a vector in R -3.07
Python, why return does not work when parameters are switched? 0.00
Which class is executed first in Python? -1.59
What does a Python decorator do, and where is its code? -1.84
If in loop, nonetype -0.56
Making a 2d game in Python - which library should be used? -3.25
How do I initialize a dictionary of empty lists in Python? -1.79
Tuples and List Manipulation with Python. Cutting Tuple generation... 0.00
raise keyword in python? +1.72
Python regular expression with raw string prefix -3.46
Creating instances in a loop with different variables +0.42
How to remove list elements in a for loop in Python? -1.05
How can a primitive datatype like array of integers have a field 'l... -2.54
Java - Does returning a value break a loop? -2.94
Python evaluation returning False even though individual items are... -1.25
Does repeated identical assignment going to lead to the same id() v... 0.00
Python: transform "list of tuples" in to 1 flat list, or... -2.10
How to create a fix size list in python? -3.61
How do I convert string characters into a list? -2.46
appending regex matches to a dictionary -1.01
Numpy: How to check if array contains certain numbers? -3.39
More compact way to skip initial list items? (or partition list bas... +2.95
python: function parameter updating issues -4.02
Have a class act as a dict? -3.55
Best approach to doing analysis of sets of tags? +1.27
Why array constants can only be used in initializers? -1.44
how to assign a python variable whose name is generated on-the-fly? -1.70
Can not increment global variable from function in python +4.93
Object not callable python -3.27
Unicode error handling with Python 3's readlines() -3.38
Bottle Static files 0.00
combining output values in a file -3.85
What effect has a statement like 'var and do_something_with(var)' i... -3.21
Find which lines in a file contain certain characters -4.01
Python List of Lists +4.42
Loading config file into a dict -1.51
retrieving the elements from list: python +1.82
How to process a string into layer of sublists -2.27
Comparing the first couple characters in a string +0.05
How to avoid object creation in python? -3.81
path data type does't take the complete url with '?' in it -4.06
Quick Access to portion of data inside a dictionary +4.87
declarations within python class equivalent to _init_? -0.74
add something to nametuple 0.00
Assigning a function to a variable -1.70