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1501.08 (349,124th)
2,524 (66,501st)
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Title Δ
foreach not assigning value to variable after mysql query 0.00
PHP cannot parse CSV correctly (file is in UTF-16LE) 0.00
Skip loop to populate form if result array from mysql query is empty +0.24
Generate a random number between 1 and 999 +0.49
Php array_filter with custom class to filter array with timestamp +0.49
Assignment value in a session array in PHP 7.0 error 0.00
Add array using array_push in multidemsional array php -1.32
Recursive replace one array with specific key with another arrays +0.48
PHP Cut URL from some variable query 0.00
What is the use of logical operator with string +0.50
dynamically include header.php file that hold js and css resources 0.00
how to separate data with Quotations marks in php -0.54
PHP - Change date on var from array +0.98
What is and where to use function ($value) : SomeClass 0.00
PHP time, include the first day -0.49
Date Formatting in php for string with AM and PM +0.17
Month and Year not working in PHP +0.88
Remove double quotes from bracelet in json_encode nested array php +0.50
How can i get image name and image extension from image url +0.92
How to convert ISO 8601 timestamp without timezone to ISO 8601 time... +0.51
How can I remove specify string words with php +2.38
How to get multiple select list data in js? -1.14
Pass comma separated key string and get value of array according to... -0.79
How to check if a value is greater than within an array -0.25
comparision ValueStartingWithX%... like in sql but in a php compari... -0.00
check if all items of an array are available in another accociative... +1.32
How to recognise the 'T' character correctly within this IS... 0.00
php preg_replace iOS apostrophe +0.50
List from movie database, hyperlink doesn't work 0.00
Grab parameter in html with highest value 0.00
Making regex for preg_match greedy to only accept certain values? -0.65
Get element content if text exists next to it +1.05
Why casting bool on boolean type return always false -1.32
How to replace tags with links to lowercase tags search results? 0.00
Php change the order of the date +0.50
Replace sub string with number of it's occurrences -3.90
How to parse in PHP a column from a JSON array with variable and di... -3.73
preg_match behaviour unexpected on string \x00\x01 +0.47
How to sort multidimensional array in PHP version 5.4 - with keys? 0.00
Combine some php sub-arrays, with condition 0.00
How to sort multidimensional array in PHP version 5.4? +4.04
How to call a function in PHP -3.82
How to enforce contract of type-hinted interface in PHP -4.18
How to insert element before and after the data value? +3.78
Generate string from html text file [PHP] -2.85
PHP - Setting a variable to a equal a function, without running it +3.96
Format string including alphabetic and numeric charaters -3.99
Search from Multidimentianl array given by a value with array colum... +0.39
Custom Month and Year inside php for-loop +3.97
Extract only numbers from link with codeception -4.10