An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1475.14 (4,384,472nd)
5,250 (31,412th)
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Title Δ
Oracle ORA-12704 with case expression on CLOB -1.84
visual studio test explorer keyboard set focus to tests list 0.00
How to unzip a file into a folder using cmd in C# 0.00
Excel/C# - Get worksheet id by name? -0.47
How can I specify exact output path for new .csproj file format? 0.00
LINQ sort by month c# +2.49
why my infinite loop doesn't work +0.20
change the format of a cell when we have a variable 0.00
How to change an unknown number in a text file for C#? +0.52
Replacing a String between 2 pipes c# +2.09
Adding TimeSpan only to Time of Date and not Date -2.08
input textbox into array -0.21
How to have single command window for multiple processes in c# 0.00
Regular expression - right pattern +1.08
Error VSP1011: Unable to obtain debug information. Link with the /P... 0.00
How do I handle the whitespaces of a registry path? 0.00
Clipboard.SetText(HTML) no longer work 0.00
Datagridview refresh in c# 0.00
Regex To Extract Second Line -0.83
CopyLocal=false filenotfound +0.56
How to run stopwatch infinitely 0.00
VBA obtaining checkbox values from userform 0.00
How to select random items from ListBox without repeating -0.83
c# Use enum as Event args +2.13
C# ace oledb 12 read-only file 0.00
Distinguish between two solutions in Visual Studio 0.00
How to actually click a generated right click menu? 0.00
Passing data from Excel Sheet to DataGridView using VB.NET 0.00
Create SQL Table based on Datatable C# +2.28
C# String.Equals returns false on identical strings -0.57
How to get which textbox was focused before i click the button? -0.46
C# winforms dynimcally created Labels position 0.00
FolderBrowsingDialog doesn't open the next FolderBrowsingDialog 0.00
Regex find procedures exec without named parameters 0.00
Process Start Wont Work Cmd Window C# 0.00
How to save and retrieve email signature by using Rich Text Box in... 0.00
Why is appending to a list not working? 0.00
Attribute in C# for @BeforeSuite annotation in java testNG +2.61
C# Regex to match a Case Insensitive string that doesn't contai... 0.00
I an getting errors and i cant figure out what i am doing wrong. so... 0.00
Regular Expresion help in C sharp dot Net +0.02
Generic Logging and Specific Logging (using NLOG), Duplication of L... 0.00
Build project with Microsoft.Build API 0.00
CodeDom using WPF - error at runtime -0.68
Removing values from a collection -1.73
C# or vba check box +0.42
How can I support Range-based for Statement for an internal list? (... 0.00
Search a collection of TabItems for a TabItem Name +0.05
Had a confusion with dropdownlist +0.54
grep date from line 0.00