An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1524.85 (24,089th)
2,296 (73,372nd)
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Title Δ
How to set JSON data to another array +0.49
Get count of array objects belonging to a partical ID in JavaScript... +0.24
How to use regular expressions to say that you need to take the val... +0.05
map function returns item even if condition is not true +2.22
Repeat substrings N times -0.51
How to divide an array? -0.48
The sort function is not working properly -1.37
How to compare two arrays and return the difference? (Working both... -0.28
How to push items into a dynamically created array -0.16
move key to sub array js -0.73
Selecting li tag with specific anchor tag text -0.84
Pause and Resume the counting values from localstorage -0.20
remove nested foreach loops -0.52
How to remove word with extra delimiter from given string? -1.74
How do I get exact 2 char occurrence from the input word and output... -0.04
Check if string exists in another string (not exactly equal) +1.48
Convert an array of IsoDate to a Date Format -1.55
From a string using java script or jquery how to fetch list of valu... -0.69
JS/jQuery for assigning values +0.74
how to group objects in an array into set of 3 object of multiple a... -0.16
How to set a curly rule properly? -0.04
push object to another array 0.00
How to create array for loop +1.53
Javascript how to skip split based on space delimiter exept the spa... -0.42
Regex that wil match after keyword and before question mark +1.22
Why MySql SUBDATE(now(3), 2) function is adding extra three digits... +0.46
Is there a method in Javascript to insert a character (eg "/&q... +0.00
JavaScript using multiple functions to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit 0.00
JavaScript regex match content between two specific character but n... +0.58
Filter for list not working +1.47
Allow only regex pattern in javascript +0.81
Looping through a array of objects with nested arrays -1.03
How to set jquery event on named function with a keyboard event in... -0.88
Roman to Integer in JS why it only convert the first character -1.44
How to get full url in javascript but without the host? -0.29
Setting timeouts for adding classes in a for loop Javascript -0.04
Javascript program to find combination of length 2 for two arrays o... +0.79
take out particular array out of nested object in javascript -1.75
Trouble with forEach +0.51
How to Sort an Array Numerically Based on One Object in an Array? 0.00
Can I create JSON array using 2 arrays and jQuery or JavaScript? +0.47
how to retrieve Index value of an object ID Value, form an array wi... -0.03
jquery toggle other checkbox if a user clicks on one checkbox -0.28
Access array inside Jquery using for loop -0.26
Need to append json response -0.55
Loop Between Array Values -1.38
Array as a Variable Assignment in Javascript -0.54
Group an array based on it's key and create a new array with gr... +0.42
How do i make a button on javascript that acts like a link? -0.03
Javascript looping through arrays of arrays -1.17