An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1709.40 (112th)
171,553 (300th)
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Title Δ
C Keil compiler uses malloc for local variables,why? +0.70
How can shift left << give different results in different fun... +1.80
Oracle SGA_TARGET size 0.00
the point of instantiation of template function is followed the poi... 0.00
When exactly is a destructor or terminate on a thread called 0.00
Why do I get different values if I access a globally-declared array... +0.23
Compiling a single c++ file with makefile using -g flag doesn't... 0.00
Using std::move to insert middle element of a vector at the beginni... 0.00
Unexpected return value of a function called by a function pointer 0.00
Oracle: Why does to_date() accept 2 digit year when I have 4 digits... +0.59
std::function as a parrameter in delegate constructor +1.26
Check for a string in a line in a file if the line contains a sente... +0.89
How to exit recent getopts options? 0.00
Unable to connect to signal from outside class in Qt 0.00
DatabaseError: ORA-00928: missing SELECT keyword 0.00
Find all IPs from subnet in perl +1.37
Unable to identify the correct timezone of the Oracle database 0.00
why would my bash function complete wildcards for variables? -0.79
Is it possible to use member function call as default argument? +0.93
Why does path not work as a $variable? 0.00
Why reading a function result to variable with v="$()" do... +1.60
Silencing -Wunused-variable in an if statement +0.84
Is cpphs wrong or is the behavior of macros with arguments in if de... 0.00
Using an If statement to find prime numbers +0.98
Using two or more optimize option with GCC command -2.91
Does C make a difference between compiling and executing a program? +1.35
flock() does not seem to work with fork() +0.05
How to get the address of a variable, if I have the name of the var... 0.00
QGridLayout doesn't work as expected 0.00
Can OR expressions be used in ${var//OLD/NEW} replacements? +0.23
bulk file renaming in bash, to remove name with spaces, leaving tra... -0.24
What happens to the parameters to execv? -0.44
Weird printf behaviour with inet_ntoa -2.86
Interpret carriage returns programatically in bash -2.60
Temp Table Space "no rows selected" -1.44
SQLite: Select all Names of given Colors 0.00
How to write a query to get all the column of a table and check if... 0.00
AWK printing bash variable more than once +1.43
Rename a bunch of PNG images with ".jpg" extension to &qu... +0.60
what happens if puts() function doesn't encounter null character? +0.72
Preventing to start bash script with ./ (dot slash) +1.48
error: expected unqualified-id on extern "C" 0.00
Can an implementation specify undefined behavior -0.40
Communicating with a loop in another thread +0.38
Error executing ant :-bash: ant: command not found 0.00
can't print string with brackets in bash 0.00
Using awk to detect // as an end of headers marker 0.00
Grep for Keyword1Keyword2 but not Keyword1TEXTKeyword2 - Very large... +1.22
Extend parsing command to multiple files 0.00
Why isn't the first input for a string not being assigned to an... -1.84