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Tanmay jain

1490.80 (4,280,030th)
709 (203,626th)
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Title Δ
How can I use percentages in a switch condition to represent player... +2.73
Iterating through a 2D array with the second dimension having diffe... +0.15
Converting a JSON with a nested array to CSV using Python +4.26
Python arranging a list to include duplicates -0.58
How add random numbers to a text file 0.00
How do I perform multiple operations in a list comprehension -1.60
Count number of empty array occurrences within a 2D array -2.78
Print Key Value from Selected Item in Dictionary +4.66
Convert string representing timestamp to date format inside python... +4.43
Replacing the same element in a list that is repeated +0.23
Use first item unless specified -2.01
print all number divisible by 7 and contain 7 from 0 to 100 +1.62
I need to get the extract the zip code from the result of this loop. -2.98
Python script to create custom printed material for a science fair... 0.00
Checking if there is at least 3 equal elements in an array -1.16
How do you rotate an array 90 degrees without using a storage array... -0.24
How to assign certain scores from a list to values in multiple list... -0.57
remove duplicates (tuple of tuples) -0.09
How to restrict the longest sequence of the same letter using python -0.06
Why is my Python code displaying the wrong result? +1.58
Why is my code displaying the wrong output? -3.35
How to count consecutive uppercase and lowercase letters? -3.60
Check if all characters of string contains same number of times -0.80
Propositional logic in order to interpret two arguments -0.44
Python recursively find files with specific extension 0.00
Removing close values from array -4.01
Removing list items from list of tuples based on second item of tuple +1.62
Merge two sorted lists into one without recursion 0.00
Trying to make a simple chessboard for school -0.16
Recursion function for getting the supply locations +0.01
Hackerrank Frequency Queries 0.00
Get top 5 values where key total is less than or equal to X -0.76
Google foobar failing 3 out of 10 cases 0.00
error message with atm withdrawal, can't get it to run properly... +3.45
Why am I getting a Syntax Error in Python? +4.01
how do I extract data between two characters in java -1.25
How to Validate two JSON API Response key-value pair matches on run... 0.00
What Is The Error In Following Binary Search Code Implemented in py... +3.06
What is the output of following? +4.35
Dynamically how to get lat and lang of particular searched area 0.00
Dynamic size Multidimentional array -4.06
Back and forth loop Python +0.37
Emojis in Python 0.00
Want to get a random output ever time? and Combine a string and ran... 0.00
partition a string by dash (-) python -0.74
Python Key Error Appending Dictionary to Dictionary with list 0.00
Expand a python dictionary to express shared list values +5.51
How to open a command prompt along with a command to run using a py... +4.20
Get value if key exists in list of dictionary -3.31
Print only second row +4.27