An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.98 (103,819th)
2,813 (59,761st)
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Title Δ
Nth-child expression to remove margin-bottom doesn't work in re... +0.11
Writing HTML to new window opened issue -0.02
How can I set a background color via hsla with jquery.css()? 0.00
Plone and Dexterity: default values for "relation" field 0.00
How do you validate an archetype field that is not required, but if... 0.00
unrestrictedTraverse gets the wrong object when there is two adjace... 0.00
Simple jQuery question -2.08
What is the best way to create a Plone private site -1.03
Animating a parent using jQuery -0.65
How to override Plone's display menu for special case content? +3.91
Implementing a jQuery fallback for the details element -3.75
How can I make Plone display events during DST with the correct time? 0.00
.mouseleave() with .delay() working together -0.87
check/uncheck radio input with javascript -1.35
how to add inline jquery event -3.85
jQuery sliding content with css -4.35
Get related Jquery submenu to stay open on new page load? -2.03
load() sequentially, instead of at the same time with jQuery +4.41
jQuery stopPropagation not working! 0.00
Randomizing .click and .dblclick -0.18
Need to change background image onmouseover in a jquery site +3.36
jQuery, finding an element's ID during form post 0.00
jquery .bind() and/or .ready() not working +3.86
Prevent an exception with jQuery UI Tabs +3.99
How to get width/height of a div set to 100% in HTML +4.10
Load html, then load images using Ajax in Jquery +3.36
Infinite scrolling within ajax-loaded page -0.07
jquery ui widget for tabbed content +0.10
Facebook-style multiple image upload -1.13
Problem with two scripts interfering 0.00
Plone 4 comments ordering 0.00
Swap div visibility based on time / schedule -0.73
javascript 'this' scope in jQuery +2.00
Reset functions after ajax -0.58
Make the hover work even after a jquery bind('click')? -4.27
How to hashify the URL after the ajax call? +0.54
jQuery UI droppable question 0.00
Jquery to Prototype -2.90
set color of alternate row using jquery? -3.89
How to disable a form based on a check box selection +2.79
Which HTML5 player with Flash fallback have a common javascript API 0.00
jQuery UI Datepicker - date values don't pass through properly 0.00
How to get the span id which starts with a word -0.10
Updating an image that is re-uploaded periodically -3.64
how to access one name value pair from a JSON object +3.25
jQuery equivalent to `return document.getElementById(theVar)' -4.28
How to not get datepicker to clear text field values? 0.00
ajax - return only part of responsetext -1.43
Find the entry in the class +4.80
In jqGrid, can you inline edit mulitple rows at once and then do a... -1.66