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Rating Stats for

Gilad Green

1725.76 (70th)
30,982 (3,932nd)
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Title Δ
Find both and update 0.00
Retrieve results from an EF linq query 0.00
Can I combine forcing a variable to be null with a ?? operator? 0.00
How can transform this query to linq? 0.00
Find longest string in Datatable column 0.00
Can I use LINQ to give me a non-object view of items in a LIST? 0.00
In a LINQ select how can I select the FirstOrDefault of a list? 0.00
How to remove zero elements from List<string>? 0.00
replace placeholders in string 0.00
C# Select List of string from a anonymous type 0.00
Is it possible to assign a value to a const Variable when creating... 0.00
Group By Dictionary LINQ 0.00
Linq Count where IDs are different +0.95
return type for displaying the duplicates +0.66
Use LINQ to remove items in List<object> where a property exi... 0.00
Casting an implementation of Interface B to and implementation of I... -0.54
Combine result from different stored procedure into a single list i... +0.82
Using value of a property as property name in anonymous object 0.00
CS0103 - The name does not exist in the context 0.00
Get all objects that have an object that matches a string 0.00
if only one record is return linq output is wrong c# 0.00
C# defining Automatic Properties in Generic Class +0.21
How to write first negative number in array? +0.62
Linq select group by where syntax -1.03
Using an array of named tuples in LINQ 0.00
How to merge two objects into an instance of a class 0.00
How to change a string content according to another string with LIN... 0.00
LINQ returns List<{int,double}> two values after .selected bu... +0.94
Linq 'where' clause returning CS1929 0.00
Converting Tuple<List<Guid>, string> to Dictionary<G... 0.00
How to get the value from a XML Document 0.00
How to get the second part from a string in c# +0.43
c# loop through linq results and update field +0.21
Dequeue items of a list and insert new one at position 0 0.00
Getting maximum date and return default date when table is empty 0.00
Linq Group by With projection into a list +0.20
Check for negative value with TryParse C# +1.18
'Cannot deserialize the current JSON array (e.g. [1,2,3]) into... +1.01
comparing two list of strings in C# 0.00
Wrong result when Split a string when the given characters are not... +0.87
How to treat integers from a string as multi-digit numbers and not... +1.58
How to display a string of integers on multiple lines? +0.24
Displaying 3 smallest variables in an array on console? 0.00
A two-dimensional ArrayList returns System.String[] +0.23
Why when using String.contains in a Linq expression, are parenthese... +0.22
Cant get while loop to check if my userinput equals some numbers +0.23
Convert from IEnumerable to ISet 0.00
Fill DropDownList with LINQ query 0.00
Find Item from List inside List 0.00
Use LINQ to get only the most recent JOINed item for each element 0.00