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Gilad Green

1725.74 (73rd)
30,982 (3,903rd)
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Title Δ
How to plot a hyperplane in Scatter3D in plotly? 0.00
Plotly animated subplots with px.imshow and go.Scatter +0.57
Returning first element of a tuple after finding the tuple accordin... -0.28
Split numpy array based column value in list +0.21
Comparing items through a tuple in Python +0.24
Similarity matrix clustering 0.00
A regex for a list 0.00
All combinations from dictionary of lists 0.00
Combine 2 2D numpy array element-wise, same shape, while retaining... -0.95
Approximating arithmetic values in python +0.21
Python update value for key 'x' when a key pair ("y&qu... 0.00
How can I add space between parentheses and string with Re library... -0.70
How to split this list into words & find most common top 5 word... +0.21
Why is my function not being executed in python? +0.88
Logical AND operation across multiple lists 0.00
Extract values from array based on multiple values conditions 0.00
Looping over multiple lists with enumerate +0.89
How to take the average value of respective elements in arrays 0.00
Filter substring by multiple indices position +1.00
How to delete column and rows in symmetric matrix 0.00
How can I flatten out data in a list and then get a count of what&#... 0.00
Print Each Individual Element in Array +0.20
converting fahreneit to celsius keep getting list of 0's? +0.22
Parsing string into int[] using Linq +0.83
How to create class variable name dynamically in C# 0.00
Using linq to group by and merge property values of duplicates -3.16
Find both and update 0.00
Retrieve results from an EF linq query 0.00
Can I combine forcing a variable to be null with a ?? operator? -0.12
How can transform this query to linq? -1.35
Find longest string in Datatable column -0.67
Can I use LINQ to give me a non-object view of items in a LIST? 0.00
In a LINQ select how can I select the FirstOrDefault of a list? 0.00
How to remove zero elements from List<string>? +0.94
replace placeholders in string +0.58
C# Select List of string from a anonymous type 0.00
Is it possible to assign a value to a const Variable when creating... +0.24
Group By Dictionary LINQ 0.00
Linq Count where IDs are different +0.95
return type for displaying the duplicates +0.66
Use LINQ to remove items in List<object> where a property exi... 0.00
Casting an implementation of Interface B to and implementation of I... -0.54
Combine result from different stored procedure into a single list i... +0.82
Using value of a property as property name in anonymous object 0.00
CS0103 - The name does not exist in the context 0.00
Get all objects that have an object that matches a string 0.00
if only one record is return linq output is wrong c# 0.00
C# defining Automatic Properties in Generic Class +0.21
How to write first negative number in array? +0.62
Linq select group by where syntax -1.03