An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Maria Deleva

1511.86 (58,882nd)
1,060 (147,515th)
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Title Δ
unable to get endpoint from a property in wso2 esb 5.0.0 0.00
XSLT issue compare two xpath and transform xml 0.00
How to authorize particular users in wso2? 0.00
Missing classpath entry carbon.home.folder\bin\org.wso2.carbon.boot... 0.00
Remove a tag from a xml using wso2 6.1 Enrich mediator +0.52
Use of If/else statement in Inlined XML Entry in WSO2 ESB 0.00
XSLT Mapping using foreach 0.00
Mapping an XML Element value to array of elements in target XML 0.00
XSLT Need Help converting XML to show the value and the attribute -0.13
WSO2 ESB Tutorial Issue 0.00
WSO2 ESB can not get response from rest API 0.00
Custom error messages and HTTP return codes in WSO2DSS 0.00
Extracting part of a string using regex +3.86
WSO2 ESB- PayloadFactory for different operations +4.00
Regex combine a match for everything after the last slash and exclu... +4.12
Symbols as optional character in regex -2.06
Regexp: How to find sequence from which find range of characters bu... -1.75
regex to get the last item after space -1.22
Regex to check if length of string is greater than 16 and less than... +0.07
check string with multiple length patterns -0.21
Match Regex Starting After "X" Number of Characters 0.00
understanding positive look behind regex in javascript -1.61
Regex for name with optional dot(s) +3.61
Java split using regex lookahead - character not followed by charac... +4.34
Regular expression for Number masking with exceptions +2.03
regex for an array of result +0.34
Regular Expression help to match below code +0.05
Java, need help understanding 0.00
How to upload a Registry CAR file to ESB WSO2? -4.00
Understanding why negative lookahead is not working -3.88
Python regex to match currency with or without comma or decimal -0.41
java pattern match regex +0.10
How to extract a interrogation sentence from a string -1.98
Find and adjust date and timestamp in XML using python -0.09
REGEXP, searching string after pattern -0.47
Reg expression to get value in between a tag in xml -0.19
insert data where all rows equals to null +0.66
Regular expressions: contains at least two 0s but not consecutive 0s +3.63
regex four digit validation, validating digit one by one +4.02
Multiple Regex Pattern with different formats +1.99
How do you validate wikipedia URLs like these in PHP? -0.20
Add a unique character to each string in bold 0.00
New tweet urls regex for correct character counting -1.12
How to create a regex expression for alphanumeric which contain 15... -3.96
Using regex to get urls with some rules -2.75
Avoid Optional Words with Regex +3.99
Extract string of numbers +4.36
notepad++ / regex 0.00
PHP/MySQL: updating every row with a random value - foreach not wor... -0.62
Passing a dynamic input in proxy url wso2 esb -0.04