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Sean Owen

1544.49 (9,818th)
58,858 (1,586th)
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Title Δ
Convert XML file to pyspark dataframe 0.00
How to process XML in PySpark? 0.00
Why does Spark need to serialize data in an RDD for each task it ru... -2.01
Spark XML - Use XMLs from Excel 0.00
Why do I get nested clusters in kmeans when I use normalized data w... 0.00
How do I find frequency of Authors and plot this using Python? -0.07
Scanning multiple barcodes in an Image with Zxing ByQuadrantReader... 0.00
Spark Stream Kafka hang at JavaStreamingContext.start, no spark job... -2.05
Compare two (py) spark sql dataframes and conditionally select colu... 0.00
Is Spark's KMeans unable to handle bigdata? 0.00
Unable to start Oryx - NoSuchMethodError 0.00
Spark: Expansion of RDD(Key, List) to RDD(Key, Value) 0.00
barcode scanner always reads UPC-E +0.43
ITF barcode zxing scanner issue -0.56
Spark when union a lot of RDD throws stack overflow error +0.43
why there are so many tasks in my spark streaming job +0.43
What does the score of the Spark MLLib SVM output mean? 0.00
Apache Spark RDD partitioning and join 0.00
Why does Spark Streaming save each Kafka message as a single file? +0.43
how to set and get static variables from spark? -0.56
Build Spark Uber jar in Maven instead of multiple Uber jars (one pe... 0.00
nested iterations with Apache Spark? 0.00
Spark: Out Of Memory Error when I save to HDFS -0.39
Mind blown: method +0.43
object BLAS in package linalg cannot be accessed in package org.apa... 0.00
Apache Spark ALS Recommendation 0.00
Spark RDD map in yarn mode does not allow access to variables? +0.97
How mapping/reducing phases work in Spark 0.00
Spark-submit not working when application jar is in hdfs -2.09
Does any of Cloudera Hadoop distribution supports Apache Spark SQL 0.00
Apache Spark: saveAsTextFile not working correctly in Stand Alone M... 0.00
Google Dataflow vs Apache Storm -0.57
Spark unresolved dependencies hadoop -0.32
cannot resolve symbol 'CameraConfigurationUtils' on Google... 0.00
How to use Apache Spark ALS (alternating-least-squares) algorithm w... 0.00
Mahout In Action: Chapter 06: Wikipedia job fails with java.lang.Ar... 0.00
Importing ZXing project into Android Studio on Ubuntu 0.00
How to compile zxing to aar? 0.00
How does using singleton patterns in Android impact memory usage? -0.08
decodeByteArray crashing my application - android +0.43
Hangman game; why doesn't .equals work? +0.33
How to tell mvn to use local folder to solve Local Dependency issue... 0.00
Where can I find the file format definition for a ZXING "Send... 0.00
How to fit Spark's classifier in parallel? 0.00
How to add zxing in android studio? 0.00
skipping header file from each csv file in spark +0.41
Manually setting the SCAN_WIDTH and SCAN_HEIGHT causes ZXing to crash 0.00
Sorting iterable values in Spark 0.00
Spark - How to use the trained recommender model in production? +0.17
Compare data in two RDD in spark 0.00