An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1679.22 (249th)
96,946 (778th)
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Title Δ
breaking line using sed. sed inconsistent or I made a cardinal error 0.00
How to Get String From Parse JSON without String Id in Android Studio +0.27
How can I append "ls" output to the end of a previous lin... -0.44
How to properly pass git ls-files output to Java, if there is any f... 0.00
how to add dynamic json object to jq bash 0.00
Get values from log to csv +1.11
SonarCloud shows coverage for test class although test classes are... 0.00
django bash script pass requirements as bash arguments 0.00
Iterating with awk over some thousend files and writing to the same... +0.23
Save only last x MB of audio stream downloaded with curl 0.00
ImportError with Python modules in Travis CI 0.00
Deleting all Transcribe Jobs in one CLI Command for AWS 0.00
How to import external issues only on SonarCloud 0.00
Add two numbers which are stored as in reversed linked list form +1.34
Fill matrix with random numbers within range? -0.84
ZFS create brace expansion like mkdir -p 0.00
Using sed to substitute string in in double quote with a bash varia... 0.00
Split two numbers in two arrays -0.44
I am trying to avoid duplicates in my lottery rows ie if number 35... 0.00
How to combine a prefix to output of ls in bash? +0.02
Multidimensional, associative array as config file for Bash script? -0.73
How can i read one specific line and 7 more lines under that one +0.27
Create directories if not exists based on dot string package name +0.91
How to pass bash variable as a string not array to a scala file 0.00
Reverse Command Line Parameters in a bash script 0.00
How to copy the contents of a folder to multiple folders based on n... +0.03
Android Studio Integration with Sonar Cloud 0.00
Jacoco Reports not getting pushed to SonarCloud 0.00
SonarCloud quality check doesn't work after running scan 0.00
Travis CI SonarCloud - How to choose what quality profile to be ena... 0.00
serializer adds unnnecesary fields in Javascript 0.00
Pyhook event.Injected? 0.00
Removing all items in an Arraylist to remain with one +1.21
How to compare a number in LinkedList using Iterator 0.00
How do I get checkbox "on" using Python Flask without cau... +0.28
How to validate a given time interval against a time table in python? 0.00
How to select a command among multiples with priority 0.00
How to install Django on Python 3? +0.27
Binary Search Tree, Logical and Syntax Error +0.27
python, read the filename from directory , use the string in bash s... +0.94
looping grep function 0.00
Merge single objects and list of objects into a single list of obje... 0.00
Is it more efficient to use arrays or character? -0.03
Recursively get a value of a deque with an index 0.00
How to write oneline string in multipe lines? +0.25
Mailx with at command 0.00
Why RegEx Matching is NOT Working in My Bash Script? -2.67
SonarQube/ SonarCloud - Is there an option in SonarQube Web Interfa... 0.00
Bash function with only variables 0.00
Executing sqlite3 query in bash -0.23