An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1507.86 (96,006th)
19 (1,636,062nd)
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Title Δ
Regular expression in java( pattern to match a part of a string) 0.00
Regex pattern to split colon char with a condition +0.48
Remove trailing slash after substitution +0.39
Python - Regex to exclude some lines out of file -0.58
Regular expression to match white space only when space found betwe... -1.76
Add 30 days in future from current epoch time Java +4.40
How to add number of days to DateTime zone -0.83
How to enforce input to a certain convention -0.07
Strip or generalize all the functions calls parameter in SQL String... 0.00
Regex workaround infinite repetition inside lookbehind 0.00
Split on capitalized words not between underscores +0.63
How to make regular expression not consume text as it finds each ma... -1.05
Can I get correct datetime from LocalDateTime in defferent zone? +4.13
outputting numbers in order using loops in java -0.17
creating a method that combines two ArrayLists in Java +3.95
Java Regular Expression - Nested Object +0.70
Returning the last index of a value in an array +0.34
java zoneddatetime toEpochSecond without converting to local time +4.28
Regex ignore tokens that do not start with letter +4.34
Find K Smallest Elements in an Array -3.82
How to get current time for timezone -2.84
Masking the centre part of the email ID -2.05
dependsOnMehtods order execution not working +0.19
A regex to get any price string -0.74
How to validate a contiguous sequence of digits with regex? 0.00
The method doesn't work correctly when using matches (), regex,... 0.00
HashMap behaving weird -1.68
Replace multiple value by using regex in Java +4.05
How the inheritance of Java should be? +4.07
How do I solve Java '.class' expected error Java, compilati... -1.76
Java regex find substring in string 0.00
Sort a list of Object according to custom priority of value in the... 0.00
How to find input string first characters length is 4? -2.15
How to remove from for/each loop only instance of declared type but... -0.68
Subtract 3 weeks from current timetamp +0.33
Regular Expression - Parse amount from given string +1.33
Java Regex - Probable error while defining capturing groups 0.00
What is a library in Java and where can I find the standard librari... +0.11
return' character and new line use with regex java 8 0.00
Optimize FOR loop for adding array elements to set -1.73
How i can create a pattern for a given String of data in JAVA? -0.17
Replace newlines within string except for ones within json +0.73
regex for dynamic content of with variable "parts" +0.05
Extract string from file based on multiple patterns in a file 0.00
Regex to remove line break within double quote in CSV 0.00
Use Regex to extract a json object from a large text-input file 0.00
Append a char at the end of each word using regex +2.48
Java Regex to extract json body from a JS callback +0.02
Is there a way with Regex to grab the first word and replace a quot... +4.33
Remove Unselected Regex Java 0.00