An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1476.27 (4,381,841st)
154 (531,725th)
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Title Δ
Opening Bootstrap Modal window On iframe 0.00
How to create variable html form based on keys in some other file 0.00
Center span with background inside div +0.27
Chatbot can't be created as a separate window. 0.00
Enter key is not working on button click -1.81
Set new id using name to input javascript -4.12
How to make stay logged in when app not running in ionic -3.93
How to download(save) an image from url into our photo album using... 0.00
Change in view doesn't update the model scope variable -3.98
HTML5 validation with a link and angular.js -1.89
Check one checkbox and uncheck previous checkbox 0.00
$cordovaFileTransfer can not work 0.00
Facebook login with ionic v1 0.00
How to scroll page in ionic app in real device -4.16
How do I remove the first letter of every string in array with spli... +0.63
How can I use the same data in multiple controllers? +3.95
how to use html2canvas to save a div 0.00
capture whole div with svg in javascript +0.10
How to select multiple ids in CSS? -2.55
ion-view cache & states with URL Parameters 0.00
how to open facebook external application in ionic app -4.26
Ionic: Create a $scope or $rootScope variable for index.html 0.00
Social Sharing not working in Ionic.Always leading to error function -1.97