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1508.19 (83,965th)
9,018 (17,154th)
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Title Δ
How do I concatenate only if not null in SQL Server? 0.00
Retrieve Specific Text from String where Search String Exists and N... 0.00
Find records in one table that are not in the other if there is no... 0.00
Convert number of years and months into number of months 0.00
How to alter an already created table to drop and re-create the pri... 0.00
SQL Problems with returning values based on their existence in othe... 0.00
Each Column in Separate Row 0.00
How to remove empty directory recursively in Delphi 0.00
Is there a way to create a TZipfile without including the directory... 0.00
How to extract this specific data from a particular column in SQL S... 0.00
SQL - How to avoid inserting duplicate rows from another table whil... 0.00
Combine 2 rows give a new name and SUM their respective value displ... 0.00
Update table with using NEWID() function 0.00
How to pull out information from a long string of data 0.00
Loading a JPEG image from an Access Database into a TDBImage compon... 0.00
IFELSE statement how does this work to IF then Else 0.00
Apply group by having order by with latest record 0.00
How to show a "Please wait " modal form from a TThread an... 0.00
How to notate if there is matching between column A and column B vi... -1.30
Max(date) from multiple tables - sql 0.00
How do I update the duplicate values and their foreign key in the c... -0.02
SQL Server CHARINDEX function +1.74
CASE statement using exists? +2.73
How To select record If foreign key is not exist In Foreign key table +0.49
identify specific numeral from message having multiple numerals -0.46
How to identify if consecutive numbers exist from a set of numbers... +2.12
How to count the number of occurences for a specific value from a r... +0.34
Delete from Table variable with where condition +1.32
SQL query to get date as 5th of month year -0.88
Insert 1000 e-mail into table USERS 0.00
How to generate the newid when there is change in column value in s... 0.00
SQL select statement over a relative time range? 0.00
How to select newly inserted record(s) in MSSQL stored procedure in... 0.00
Dynamic Dates SQL Server -0.09
CASE statement with multiple THEN's 0.00
Reseed id to 00000001 and when selecting it return as 00000001 and... -0.05
SQL Get current month +0.90
Use a "case when in" expression where the list values are... -1.32
SQL CASE switch for parameter 0.00
Time difference query using MS SQL +0.34
Select from a comma separated list in a colum -1.61
SQL query to find minimum difference between row values of a column +2.42
Get distinct values of two columns and merge into rows +0.88
How to stop insert in a transaction in SQL Server? +0.50
Conditional statement does not work correctly +0.50
t sql records that contain part of another record -1.64
DATEDIFF between two dates to return timestamp -0.64
Remove single quotes in one of the table column in SQl server +2.71
TSQL RegEx Like operator -0.37
how to insert into in 2 table? +0.13