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Basil Bourque

1564.78 (4,784th)
133,390 (467th)
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Title Δ
how to use collection factory method in intelliJ with java 8 0.00
Music Player Program...Help calculating length +0.41
Date before method returns false if passing old date with current d... +0.70
Change the time based on the gmt area on Android +1.75
Is there anyway to condense my current code so that it isn't on... -0.57
How can I set an Instant to a specific time? -1.69
Why is my Java Set method for arraylist not working? -1.92
Executor Shutdown await termination not working -0.09
How do I create a Clock variable - java.time 0.00
Unicode to Emoji on Android 0.00
How do I format a double into a time with a print statement in Java? -0.57
Thread.sleep() stopping all threads 0.00
Using varargs to create an object in a class +0.42
How to use a Double Dispatch with compareTo in JAVA? -0.59
Java good HashMap practices? ( static final HashMap ) +1.14
How to avoid using milliseconds when using 0.00
Why do you need to place an 'f' at the end of the decimal n... +2.29
new Date returns Tomcat startup date -0.09
How to round off to the closest hour if its only 5 minutes ahead or... +0.02
Arrays sort misbehavior for Character array -0.52
Is it safe to let "this" escape in the last statement of... -0.26
How can I synchronize two threads in Java -0.27
Java - "local variable is not used" -0.60
How does Gregorian WEEK_OF_YEAR works +2.07
Volatile and Synchronized to Solve Race Condition: Singleton Member... -1.51
"javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet" was not found on the Jav... +1.63
Why is incrementing a number in 10 Java threads not resulting in a... -0.90
Java executor service: Waiting for all tasks to finish 0.00
compare ArrayList with contain object +0.41
Limiting the number of data user can insert in database using java +0.41
Java 8 Update notification 0.00
How is the rule for sorting a list in ascending order and descendin... -1.61
The type java.time.Duration cannot be resolved when using OkHttpCli... 0.00
EnumSet modifiers inside an enum in Java +1.26
Java 8 on Big Sur reports as "Mac OS X" and -1.71
Java garbage collection in multithreaded application for local vari... +1.17
Cannot convert Char and Int HashMap to a string +0.98
Java Using SimpleDateFormat to compare dates 0.00
Why can't enum and record be combined? 0.00
Java Principle of sort when using TreeSet 0.00
How to select a "start rule" for ANTLR 4 when using "... 0.00
How to create immutable object from mutable in java? +0.41
Expressions with BigDecimal Java / Kotlin +2.14
Convert a HashMap<Integer, Long> ito HashMap<Integer, Inte... -1.20
Why am I getting the error "cannot resolve method "x"... -1.12
Java: How to call an integer value from an external method -2.12
Why is System.nanoTime() returning such a large number, when that m... -0.55
Why aren't there compatible JREs for JavaSE12+? 0.00
Would it be possible to add default methods to Comparable without b... -1.71
Am I closing the DB connection correctly? JDBC - DBCP +0.42