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Jean-François Fabre

1697.13 (144th)
105,301 (630th)
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Title Δ
Universal USER in Directorys? 0.00
List to dictionary - improvement? +1.20
How do I avoid "'zip' object is not reversible" e... 0.00
Parse string representation of dictionary to dictionary 0.00
Python, loop through string and change in place character at the be... +0.98
How to sort a list of lists with IP subnets python +0.25
Improve constraint adding performance Gurobi python 0.00
Why is the Python OpenCV code showing the error 'NoneType'... +0.25
Collections Counter - How to remove "counter" from output -0.62
Create a map via folium with multiple points 0.00
Fastest way to pop N items from a large dict -2.89
Python program that loops if user inputs particular word +0.11
Why is stat::st_size 0 for devices but at the same time lseek defin... +0.37
Behavior of `realloc()` when the memory is shrunk +1.76
'int' object not iterable - Python Lists 0.00
Generating array of unique random numbers +1.46
Calculating the complexity of this function +0.70
Matching exact strings in python -0.51
Split output from communicate -0.25
Subprocess check_output cutting my output short +0.26
os.path.basename() is inconsistent and I'm not sure why 0.00
Comparing two datetime strings +0.25
python works in c++ in debug mode, but not in exe file 0.00
Python: Reiterating through command +0.25
Replacing the keys of a dictionary with values of another dictionar... +0.23
Python capture a specific pattern inside a string with regular expr... +0.69
better ways of writing nested for and if loops in python 3 0.00
Check if the digits in the number are in increasing sequence in pyt... +0.22
Why does an object with redefined __getattr__() throws TypeError? -2.43
Open npy.gz file on python 0.00
Returning nth Word in the Line Using a Generator Function 0.00
Problems, building a switch case in python 3.7 -2.69
while loop with iterator in python which keeps on changing 0.00
Using __repr__ when parameter defaults to None, but may be a str 0.00
Sort CSV lines by time in format "Oct 03 10:06:20" in Pyt... 0.00
Python - Count most frequent elements in list of same length +0.54
How to reverse multiple lists? -0.76
valgrind showing memory leaks. how do i stop the leak? 0.00
Python 2 vs. 3 slow os.path.getmtime() with huge file list - why? 0.00
How to keep null values when writing to csv -0.48
Confusion about different running times of two algorithms in C -0.77
Invalid use of macro pasting in macro in Eclipse +0.23
Count the number of iterations of a if loop +0.23
how to remove Duplicate values in list of list? +1.05
python 3 best way function private object 0.00
Differentiate accessing class attribute from within the class (or f... -0.09
Ada suppress unreachable code or missing return -0.27
Python3.x self as parameter in a method call to an other class +1.42
Save a Python dictionary in JSON format 0.00
change string on the fly in for loop 0.00