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Rating Stats for

Jean-François Fabre

1688.68 (198th)
111,262 (615th)
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Title Δ
Python find_first_not_of same as c++ 0.00
ctypes Errors with argv 0.00
If Statement Simple 0.00
Why does str + Markup return a Markup object? 0.00
Taylor Series in C (problem with sin(240) and sin(300)) 0.00
Problem reading 1st non-commented line just after using dropwhile f... 0.00
How can I detect that I open()ed a directory in C, without using st... 0.00
How would you catch python Exception inside an except clause 0.00
Finding all keys of a multi-key dictionary based on one key -0.68
How to use regex to replace a sentence that has a question mark 0.00
My loop is struggling to move first characters of string to end of... +0.25
Python - Errno 2: No such file or directory 0.00
Can someone explain me why I am getting two different answers for t... 0.00
resolve [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized] with function pointer that is... +1.94
Function is kicking out variable with 3, separate lists +0.25
Python 3.7.4: 're.error: bad escape \s at position 0' +0.54
Why do I get those empty strings when using re.split() in python? +1.45
How can I get the exact result of 10**20 + 10**-20 in Python? It gi... 0.00
Equivalent of Lua's pairs() for Python +1.53
How do I create a function that allows me to store all paths to .tx... -0.37
csv module broken for comma as delimiter -2.06
Replace text in multi-line string using text in the same line +1.18
Python regex findall() substrings between single apostrophes +2.20
Formatting String for "No closing quotation" 0.00
Set changes implicit order based on __hash__? -1.98
get os.walk hit abspath +0.34
str.format raises KeyError with dict as parameter 0.00
Assigning Int value to *Char pointer 0.00
Sorting only a single value in an array -1.63
How can I delete the same columns(same indexed elements) from a pyt... -0.48
NameError: name 'lock' is not defined 0.00
Why does float.__repr__ return a different representation compared... 0.00
Find the value of a String in i-th position 0.00
Conditionally create list of lists -0.24
is there a better or more elegant way to handling dictionary loop e... -2.50
How to set characters replacement limit with itertools replacement? 0.00
Custom Key for Sort Function Doesn't Work +0.25
Why the output of below code is like this +0.23
Delay an evaluation / lazy evaluation in Python 0.00
Iterating through a function returned 2-tuple containing two lists? 0.00
Why isn't my filter working against my Python list? +0.26
Program continues to execute after exit -0.51
Sort dictionary of lists by key value pairs -0.23
parse_args do not include None values in Namespace 0.00
Removing \n from readlines with rstrip("\n") 0.00
shutil.move() only works with existing folder? 0.00
Trying to make this code with subprocess.check_output python interp... 0.00
how a function getw() worked, when stream is stdin? 0.00
How to fix "conflicting types" for a function and its dec... +1.33
there's a better way to recover the parameters of a func inside... +0.28