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Jean-François Fabre

1696.82 (146th)
107,527 (630th)
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Title Δ
Why do I get this error: TypeError: tuple indices must be integers... 0.00
I need to remove duplicates from a list but add the numeric value i... 0.00
Is it possible to output a variable from a header file? 0.00
Python - regroup list of dictionaries into two nested list of dicti... 0.00
Is there a more efficient way to re-write multi if-else statement 0.00
List comprehension using .append 0.00
I have two lists, I need to pick a random sample from one list, and... 0.00
How to nested list comprehension in Python 0.00
How to use nested % printing format with exec in Python? 0.00
Replacing values of one dictionary with values from another diction... 0.00
How to add a proper escape sequence character into string 0.00
Compare two list with dicts and print out value that is not in the... 0.00
Segfault after realloc twice 0.00
Not displaying output in branching program Motorola 68K 0.00
Partition disk python 0.00
Subclassing Template to provide default arguments 0.00
How to read rows from last to first? 0.00
How to fix 'in bash after checking with if condition else state... 0.00
code not running as aspected given wrong result 0.00
making a file executable via subprocess in python 0.00
Is there a reason to subtract zero from a number in Python? 0.00
Convert endianness of integer fields in struct using macros 0.00
Command-line parsing: How to parse a string as an argument 0.00
How to join two lists based on the list element occurrence of one o... 0.00
How to delete all full-black images in a folder? 0.00
Existence of value inside nested dictionary 0.00
How to fix "awk: Syntax error Context is: >>> ' -... 0.00
Unintuitive behavior when comparing large numbers 0.00
How to move up n directories in Pythonic way? 0.00
traversing a list of list and multiplying each elements 0.00
Can't solve: 'Redefinition of NULL macro' 0.00
How can I pass a list comprehension results into a csv using python 0.00
AWK to Python For Mbox 0.00
How do I convert dictionary values to a string 0.00
When reassigning a Python reference to itself, does it un-assign an... 0.00
Unpack 2d list of tuples 0.00
Connect another computer in local network 0.00
Loop identifying primes and non-primes generates false output 0.00
Remove quotations that surrounds substring but keep standalone quotes 0.00
Universal USER in Directorys? 0.00
List to dictionary - improvement? +1.21
How do I avoid "'zip' object is not reversible" e... 0.00
Parse string representation of dictionary to dictionary 0.00
Python, loop through string and change in place character at the be... +0.99
How to sort a list of lists with IP subnets python +0.25
Improve constraint adding performance Gurobi python 0.00
Why is the Python OpenCV code showing the error 'NoneType'... +0.25
Collections Counter - How to remove "counter" from output -0.61
Create a map via folium with multiple points 0.00
Fastest way to pop N items from a large dict -2.89