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amiry jd

1529.73 (18,756th)
15,318 (9,171st)
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Title Δ
Running Acrarium by docker-compose.yaml causes HikariPool-1 - Excep... 0.00
Runtime generated expression cannot change dictionary's values 0.00
Accessing PostgreSQL on docker container from pgAdmin4 in another d... -1.29
ASP.NET Core 2.0 How to access UserManager in a policy? -0.54
how to add conditional join in linq? +1.21
"Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection" and different... +1.72
Passing parameters to via GetAsync() 0.00
Finding a specific file path when two files have the same name in d... -0.05
.NetCore 2.x on using {*catchAll} routing URL.Action always returns... -0.54
What is the difference between fff and ms in datetime? +1.09
Config with just one thread or make threads Sequentially 0.00
LINQ Aggregate Results in Entityframework Core -0.05 core razor page calling rest service and how to wait for re... -2.11
Instance per JobExecutionContext with Quartz.NET and Autofac 0.00
Encrypting JWT security token supported algorithms +0.46
Constrain generic type on a method to be any class that is derived... 0.00
Async wait for multiple threads to finish 0.00
OUTPUT from Stored Procedure using Azure Mobile Custom API -0.54
MVC 5 - Serve a static txt file giving 404 error +0.46
Db Structure Issue with EF -0.24
How to add property annotation globally +1.60
Connection was not closed, Connection's current state is open e... -0.82
Matching string with wildcard character -0.31
Why I get exception when I call stored procedure? 0.00
Use decorated WCF entity class without referencing service itself 0.00
System.InvalidOperationException: The property 'Emp_Status'... 0.00
WebAPI 2.0 call monitoring 0.00
Trouble with System.Xml library +1.11
Strange Behavior of DbContext in Entity Framework +0.46
Returning multiple values from sql stored procedure +2.54
Redirect page after SQL query +0.13
An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.EvaluateException&#... +0.46
Returning a Partial View with Ajax MVC 5 +0.20
Remove specific properties from JSON object +0.47
What is the meaning of the fat arrow syntax when being passed as a... +1.85
How to optimise linq manipulation to get rows -0.87
implement the | operator within a compare -0.83
Awaited override for non awaited base class -0.24
How to GroupBy time-range (closed-times grouped together) -1.29
Group similar records in a list by maintaining order and relevancy -0.43
WPF ToolTip: Is there any option to Click on a Button that is insid... 0.00
Styling Run/Paragraph to support both RTL and LTR words 0.00
Linq to Excel - Object must implement IConvertible error 0.00
Validate before adding to collection -0.61
Why are these two methods not ambiguous? -0.13
Get TableName of Entity while using Fluent API 0.00
How to reference to assembly in mvc at runtime -0.56
Why this anonymous method does not work while the lambda does? +0.47
C# Reverse a string array without using sort( ) or reverse( ) -0.91
Loading the contents of a div from another page, but not the div it... +1.99