An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1507.73 (95,807th)
2,634 (63,868th)
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Title Δ
send tidy json data of a database model from server(python) to client +3.96
Understanding jquery initialization -0.08
A user ranking model -1.88
understanding python self and init -1.50
overriding default templates of django-allauth +4.13
django gunicorn and nginx proxy giving 504 error 0.00
python code explanation reqd -2.54
filter/get entity in google app engine to validate if it exists or... +0.51
using dropbox as a server for my django app +2.54
django template extends not working 0.00
What advantage of backbone js be using with django +3.85
altering git commit history but keeping the changes in +4.28
How to recover South from flushing db 0.00
south with mysql, yes or no? 0.00
Selecting listed fields from the django model +0.30
raise 404 instead of 500 in django -4.22
Custom Iteration over a list item in Python -3.77
Running a macro till the end of text file in Emacs -1.08
JS Mobile Game Framework supported by Phonegap +3.55
infinite(till the end) display buffered contents, in a sencha touch... 0.00
Sencha Touch filterBy the Store 0.00
Reading a form-field in sencha touch extjs +3.65
sqlite3 gives no such table error -4.17
Sencha Touch + PhoneGap - List not scrolling 0.00
Facebook canvas app - invite friends +0.21
How do I install CKEditor with Django-WYSIWYG 0.00