An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1514.59 (46,643rd)
622 (229,131st)
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Title Δ
why POSIX qw{strftime}; is giving me a houre on "0" secon... -0.59
Perl angle brackets in regex substitution +1.60
Sort nested hash with multiple conditions -1.01
Look behind regex in one-liner perl +3.38
Perl: regx pattern matching 0.00
How to fix the error of "Use of unitialized value in addition.... 0.00
Substitutions in a string between a start regex and an end regex -2.49
Perl format a UTC MySQL datetime to a GMT/BST London/Europe string +3.79
perl shell script escaped replace pattern not working 0.00
Optional token for group seems to prevent capture? +3.90
Perl delete a character from a string unless it is a duplicate -2.19
How to print comma "," in the middle of sentenced when ne... -0.36
How to insert a colon between word and number -2.24
How to move files from a server to the computer using perl +5.49
Trying to input variable into url and having encoding issues 0.00
How to type selected elements of an array in double quotes -2.59
issue when sorting a list in perl 0.00
Perl - calculate the difference in days between two dates on MS Win... 0.00
Perl Loading lines into an array based on contiguous field value +3.89
Iterating through an array of Class::Struct objects 0.00
Program dies on umlauts in filename 0.00
Perl Empty Strings inside Arrays +4.00
Printing unicode charcter in windows 0.00