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Rating Stats for

Bhushan Kawadkar

1535.57 (14,289th)
23,654 (5,502nd)
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Title Δ
Select all images without a specific parent class +0.31
Remove css inline class and style from a specific td -1.65
To find Next element data-id of list in JQuery +0.16
How to add active class in jQuery calling from active.js file? -0.05
toggle link value by click 0.00
Change <span> to <div> if it contains this text Jquery -0.39
JQuery - delay function -0.56
JQuery change text on click in comment +0.45
Append list to each div in order 0.00
dynamically added class to a table is lost when table sent using fo... 0.00
Calculate div width +0.45
Auto-change focus while typing 0.00
Want to selected dropdown -0.04
Jquery Nested li and ul tags not clicking 0.00
JQuery hide last next button in Bootstrap Tabs 0.00
Increment class/ID to carry function to cloned element 0.00
How to check if item is the last element to fulfil a certain condit... -1.73
slideToggle conflict in table -2.09
How to apply border class in jQuery for select tag? 0.00
replace text in input tag if they already exist in array 0.00
Jquery While Loop Doesn't Work For Some Values +0.51
Jquery search filter same ul li list +1.75
How to get item that has a specific class from set of elements and... -0.99
jQuery expanded Datatable trying to get Data from Laravel variable 0.00
My Output repeats by one time on clicking the button 0.00
Optimize if condition jQuery -1.02
Copy html elements of a variable <div> along with other eleme... +0.38
Sorting select list of options alphabetically in Javascript -0.33
regex question: not allow a single dot (allow only if have digit be... -0.32
Enable / Disable button in Angular Form based on API Response -2.15
Show div based on dropdown selections +0.45
Hide or show different DIV based on numerical value of input field 0.00
Starting links with slash disables active class -0.06
jquery populates attribute input form multiple value 0.00
Apply common css to text of all the child elements of body -0.06
On hover display another div using Jquery / Javascript +1.58
Adding linebreaks to .text() Method in JQuery? -0.84
Toggle div when text input has pattern match 0.00
Update JsonA Object Value if Same id with JsonB -1.64
Filtering data WITHOUT checkboxes using jquery 0.00
jQuery toggle parent in search 0.00
Apply the same event handler to multiple forms +0.42
getting value from input field -0.25
Why this Angular HttpClient Post doesn't get synchronous? +0.42
Angular show button and area only if i select an option -0.06
How can I construct a single string from JSON Array using ngFor in... -0.17
grey out specific checkbox when another checkbox is selected (in jQ... 0.00
Remove an HTML element from jQuery +0.02
How to access HTML sublist +2.07
Use checkboxes to filter Elements with JSON 0.00