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Karoly Horvath

1540.46 (11,580th)
81,373 (1,012th)
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Title Δ
How to make this code safe from buffer overflow using IF..Statement -0.59
Error Checking with scanf 0.00
How Python dictionaries are executed? -1.63
Converting [x,y] to separate lists of [x] [y] -0.42
recursive c++ factorial giving negative values for multiple entries +0.43
Why I get adress when deferencing begin()? +0.45
How to get the full name of a folder if I only know the beginning -0.54
Should I use noexcept for simple functions that obviously cannot th... 0.00
How to escape single quote using awk in a bash script -1.41
How check if string contains only a given set of characters in C 0.00
Why can I not instantiate a const instance of a class when non-cons... -2.01
Python: my polynomial coefficients are off by a factor of 10 -2.18
Create Alias for Function in .profile -0.56
Rescue errors in terminal launched from script 0.00
How can I get printf to produce "+ 123" instead of "... +1.49
python need faster response with getch +0.45
Character Count in C +0.89
c++ , if else statement doesn't work , where is my mistalke? -0.21
Can I set a value to a variable via alias of it in bash? -1.86
Ignore warning and carry on -0.12
Why cURL response from server is HTTP/1.0? -0.59
Exec return false even if it work 0.00
user input array reversing in bash -0.02
Why does this shell script not take the variables? 0.00
cannot understand combined exec and redirection in bash script 0.00
Reference Link List Length Python? -0.32
How to combine negation with declaration inside if-statement? -0.14
Bash prompt customize 0.00
C program crashes during run time -0.06
Using *arg and optional argument in one function -2.12
Mask an array by the index given from other array -0.95
Reverse exercise (Python Codecademy course, part "Practice mak... +0.49
Issue with duplicate data in array and SQL -1.14
Turn array into array of arrays following structure of another array +0.16
How to pipe file into `egrep`? +1.95
Why usort() not sorting array? 0.00
Using a variable name to create an object in PHP 0.00
Operator precedence in C (!= and |) +2.17
PHP- \n does not work -2.24
Yield not returning value 0.00
Pop function not working using linked list 0.00
Why the compiler is not recognizing overloaded operator? 0.00
php -> fwrite to process pipe hangs -> why? 0.00
try-except-finally blocks behaviour -0.99
Behaviour of python lists in recursion 0.00
occur no matching function for call to error in c++ -1.02
How to cover the except portion of a try-except in a python pytest... -0.33
Python split dictionary key at comma +0.44
Generate random numbers without repetition in C +1.19
What's the C++ cin.eof()'s value represent? -0.20