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Rating Stats for

Ugur Tufekci

1474.97 (4,384,809th)
168 (504,211th)
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Title Δ
Getting CondaVerificationError when installing tensorflow(windows 10) 0.00
Lives Implementation in Unity2D +3.80
Adding children gameOjects to array? -2.52
Java equals method. How to return multiple booleans comparing each... +4.41
Bullets not showing in Game view -4.00
Enemy ignore others layer with raycast 0.00
Unity 2D Touch on one side of screen to run a script? 0.00
Unity2D animation stops after it finished first animation -3.75
How to sort List<T> in c# -0.56
Selecting an enemy from a non sorted weighted list 0.00
I want to disable the MeshRenderer of DetectedPlanes on a button cl... 0.00
Unity 2D Launch object twards mouse at consistent speed regardless... -3.76
White lines in object's edges. Unity project for Oculus Quest (... -3.83
How to change colors for any object in unity? +4.11
Changing the color of a gameobject shows as white not the colour re... +4.31
How do I Ask users to enable device location inside my app if it wa... 0.00
Spawn several different prefabs each one in one different position... 0.00
Unity 2017 crashing when during Debug Step Over 0.00
How can I check with scene I am using? +0.08
Infinite plane background -3.91
Java Thread Class : java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException +4.21
Cannot read data from android dialog -1.51
C#: How to uncompress an image received in a base64 encoded format? -4.02
Expanding the touch area of a ViewPager +0.34
How to read and write array contain in file using binaryreader and... 0.00
access denied GVR SDK 0.00
NPC shooting script 0.00
How to get the data results to IEnumerable? -4.01
Java How to read text file and input it into different ArrayLists -3.80
Opencv could not detect camera 0.00
Accessing one class from another, both being in the same package -1.84
NullPointerException and NullReferenceException -3.74
Java-Storing values in a while loop +4.14
How to calculate 1 month ago in milliseconds? -4.07
How to implement shell "ls -v" in java -1.40
Convert comma-separated string to list of variables? +1.98
"Constructor return value of current class instance" I ca... +0.26
Adding 2 types of parameters using java generics -3.50
how to play video using java? -1.50
Spring Scheduler synchronized method starvation +4.07
Apache POI: Sort rows by date -2.04
How to call a superclass method on a subclass object? -2.97