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1524.86 (24,082nd)
61,621 (1,477th)
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Title Δ
nvcc under linux complains: Contains a vector, which is not support... -1.36
Using Thrust Functions with raw pointers: Controlling the allocatio... 0.00
On Delphi how to I reference objects that have been created using j... 0.00
How to turn every bit into a byte +0.22
what is jmpl instruction in x86? +2.41
E2555 Cannot capture symbol 'Self' 0.00
Reading constants into an SSE/AVX registers in inline assembly 0.00
Moving the same byte to each address between two distinct address? 0.00
How to get the value of the product after multiplying the values of... 0.00
Write an assembly language code to reverse a string 0.00
Delphi how to search index of type record array +0.47
How to perform a sort + indexing whilst removing duplicates at the... 0.00
Assembly OS that can get a Keypress and print it 0.00
Smallest code-size loop to count bits in a register (decrementing a... 0.00
Explained polymorphic obfuscation using the difference within two a... 0.00
mov 32bytes to 8bytes in assembly registery 0.00
Delphi compiler difference between IntToStr() and Integer.ToString()? -1.40
Is it safe to store visual components in a dynamic array? -0.52
How do I address the upper 16 bits of a 32-bit register? +1.79
Assembly SF flag 0.00
assembly program, if a>b, square the value of b -0.67
Variable class creation 0.00
Link between instruction pipelining and cycles per instruction -0.37
Conditional jump not taken 0.00
How do I get the number of entries (virtual methods) in the VMT? -0.04
How to set bits of a bit vector efficiently in parallel? -1.84
Why can I access lower dword/word/byte in a register but not higher? +2.05
Assembly Language (Find the following query as mentioned below) 0.00
How does the __cdecl calling convention returns a struct? -1.97
why is register (or numeric representation of register) not present... +2.27
Weird SSE assembler instructions for double negation -0.47
Why MOV AH,1 is not supported in 64 bit mode of intel microprocessor? +0.43
Does AVX support imply BMI1 support? 0.00
Is it possible to perform some computations within the RAM? -1.21
Processor 8086 assembly rules and limitations -0.69
MOV instruction with an offset 0.00
When I do a push instruction, I receive: Segmentation fault (core d... 0.00
Why do some architectures don't have MOV? 0.00
Is the PADDD instruction actually supported by MMX, even though it&... 0.00
Is it worth bothering to align AVX-256 memory stores? 0.00
How exactly does "inc" in assembly works here? 0.00
Returning pointer to the letter in string -1.95
How to compare elements of two arrays in assembly? -1.98
What is the K3D x86 ISA extension? 0.00
Understanding fastcall stack frame 0.00
Delphi abstract class avoid implementation 0.00
Efficient way to find a string in a stream in Delphi +2.25
Multiple array operations 0.00
AT&T Assembly carry flag -2.30
Why do I get 'relative jump out of range' error whenever I... 0.00