An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Eric Petroelje

1572.74 (3,642nd)
52,816 (1,865th)
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Title Δ
MySQL Stored Procedure Updating Multiple Databases 0.00
Issue getting started with FullCalendar in ASP.Net Core -0.11
How to keep two digits of double digit string in same Excel cell af... 0.00
What does it mean by accessing a relational table? 0.00
Different semantics between `char *` and `int *` -0.29
How can i select different columns in a table only searching with s... 0.00
how to post an array with other Json values in an controlle... 0.00
What is a difference between CPU threads and program threads 0.00
What is the closest mysql type for s3 key? 0.00
Image Compression in ASP .Net Core without reducing the image quality 0.00
Web Api returning empty response 0.00
log4net is not generating log.txt file +0.20
log4net is not generating log.txt file +0.20
SQL COUNT not giving me the correct results +0.39
Storing hashed password bytes instead of chars 0.00
How to insert JSON object to SQL Server 2016 as nvarchar 0.00
REST API call or database script 0.00
ASP.Net MVC - List binding from View to Controller +0.39
In ASP.NET MVC 5, what method set the User object? +1.60
Issue when printing char buffer -0.78
Fastest way to bcrypt 3 million records +0.40
Which default IdentityType type does the UserPrincipal.FindByIdenti... 0.00
HTML Select option with PHP Dynamic 0.00
Deserializing JSON and saving the object to MySQL database -0.44
GetFiles and EnumerateFiles skip the foreach loop 0.00
Display common values in two tables that are not present in the thi... +0.39
SQL How to select first match if key has multiple values -1.91
MYSQL employee working hours for each day in date range -0.14
How can I build class similar to TransactionScope 0.00
Retrieving chat messages +0.40
How do you make a cell value relative to another table? +0.44
Transaction Scope and Multiple Regions 0.00
SQL Server intellisense does not refresh stored procedure and funct... +0.40
Disable query cache for specific user/schema? 0.00
PHP - SQL parse statement error (unexpected T_LNUMBER) -0.44
I needed to do Bulk insert with dapper rainbow 0.00
MySQL Inner Join Between Two Tables 0.00
Are class members mandatory? +2.06
mysqldump will not export an individual database -0.57
How to sum elements in a column using mysql -0.47
Is it possible to use IFNULL() with a * in a SELECT statement with... -1.59
Will a transaction always commit (making sure file is imported only... -1.40
Best way for Two MVC applications one public other private to secur... 0.00
How to get SQL data on a new page, based on something selected on a... 0.00
how to set save path dynamicaly in the log4net configuration file +1.13
How to restrict a user to stored procedures only? +1.71
Transpose constants in separate columns to rows -1.21
Error ORA-00932 when using a select with union and CLOB fields 0.00
Using MySQL PASSWORD function in our app 0.00
Override default title tag set in head section by putting another f... -0.11