An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.49 (115,908th)
2,605 (64,885th)
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Title Δ
I currently am learning jquery and I am unable to get it to work on... +3.55
Interactive Flask Prompts -4.08
Trouble with functions in python 2.7.3 +4.04
Is my encryption safe? 0.00
Python use %s in dict to call value +1.67
Algorithm Challenge: Arbitrary in-place base conversion for lossles... -4.33
When would the compiler be conservative regarding pointer dereferen... 0.00
Flask app needs static files to be in two locations to show up 0.00
get Coursera video download link via program 0.00
How do I efficiently pretty-print a list of JSON objects? -4.34
ElasticSearch with filter via elasticutils -0.11
What is the point of having non abstract methods in the abstract cl... -2.17
Represent 10000 booleans using only 10000 bits +4.26
Algorithm for detecting duplicates in a dataset which is too large... +3.91
How to add data to a bunch of sorted files -4.14
Remainder of a very very large number using a prime number -0.39
Can an iPhone app developed with Phonegap and Meteor JS be successf... 0.00
Encrypted Text - Where to Start 0.00
Python random function +0.20
Can it be possible to compute in linear time O(n) or O(nlogn) 0.00
How to implement a pseudo random function -0.12
Divide Set of numbers to sequence? Find General Term? 0.00
Post form input to PHP using AJAX for multiple autocomplete query c... 0.00
Random Unique Pairs +3.63
How to find out which value is the smallest between outputs in matl... 0.00
How do I group sum of variables in php that are closest to a value,... 0.00
Subsequence sum 0.00
Estimation of program execution time from complexity +4.01
Calculate running time using samples -2.77
Does referencing a array outside the closure lead to memory leak? -3.73
OCR word separation +4.01
How to calculate growth rate using Big O? 0.00
Algorithm for Enumerating Hamiltonian Cycles of a Complete Graph (P... -3.87
HMM algorithm for gesture recognition -4.03
Google Translate / Basic Javascript issue -1.45
Python crashes with large numbers -0.58
How to sort by ratio while avoiding division by zero? +0.08
Ajax form that has double submit +3.42
Search algorithm with minimum time complexity +4.03
How can i secure this API in an APK file -3.39
substitute of function pointers in python +0.67
How to know where is the error? -4.23
Is this an array or an object in Javascript? +0.26
PHP: Comparing NULL and FALSE - Casted to ~Negative Infinity +4.33
Rounding integers to nearest ten or hundred in C +2.88
Algorithm for mapping segment with floating point vertices onto 2D... -4.30
How to determine whether my calculation of pi is accurate? +0.52
Algorithm for finding path combinations? -0.13
Rectangular collision detection +1.18
How to return data to an AJAX calling script? 0.00