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Tony Tannous

1482.42 (4,360,631st)
6,074 (26,772nd)
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Title Δ
why does my random number generator always start with a '1'? 0.00
Is else...if statement in C equals to else { if }? 0.00
What happens if we use extra parenthesis() in mathematical expressi... 0.00
Is it legal to use the insert member function to insert a range int... 0.00
Malloc'ed memory returned by function is not being freed 0.00
How to print vector <vector<int>> in c++? 0.00
Is there a reason for the child to not to print until the parent pr... 0.00
Does C preprocessor directives recompute each time? 0.00
How do local static variables work in method? 0.00
What is the page entry size in Linux? 0.00
How do i show a directory in c++? 0.00
Zombie process is not cleanup with waitpid call 0.00
How does linux manage concurrent file writing and renaming? 0.00
Is C++ a turing complete language? 0.00
Does exec directly jump to the new proccess it creates? Or by kerne... 0.00
Time complexity in big O notation of algorithms 0.00
C communicate parent and child to increase and print counter 0.00
Need help in fork() diagram 0.00
Down sides of abusing O(1) lookup of a hash table? 0.00
Can i traverse array in O(logn) 0.00
Context switch in the middle of a system call 0.00
I'm trying to create a currency conversion program with c++, I... 0.00
Why is there a run time error for this code? +2.05
What's the difference between while(wait(NULL)){} and while(wai... -0.03
What does this statement tell please explain if(!(!x) && x) -0.01
What tokens are permitted as arguments to #include? +2.94
C++ return value type (integer) does not match the function type +0.53
Why is std::mutex neither copyable nor movable? -0.74
How to drop element from std::tuple? -0.15
Finding the smallest of 3 numbers. (School assignment) 0.00
Time and space complexity of c++ program 0.00
Search unsorted array for 3 elements which sum to a value +1.63
Is process address space part of Process Control Block(PCB)? 0.00
How to pass an array of struct to pthread_create? C -0.47
Why is pop_back() not working in this code? 0.00
What is the size of a page table entry in a multi level page table? 0.00
How are hardware interruptions handled in non-preemtive scheduling? -1.14
How to start exactly two child processes in C? +0.51
Rearrange keys in std::map +1.31
Easiest implementation of Graph in cpp -0.47
Problems understanding string return 0.00
Given solution using Bitmask, I am unable to understand the evaluat... 0.00
While loop in C, with non-executed condition 0.00
Should clang and gcc produce a diagnostic message when a program do... -1.09
How to redirect stderr and stdout to the same file 0.00
How to get the mode of a file descriptor? -1.94
Why is a runtime error is produced when we return a local address b... 0.00
Why does malloc(0) cause a major memory leak on Windows? -0.42
Why won't my program run in GDB online compiler/debugger or Vis... +0.50
It only runs the first " if " why so? +0.54