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Reed Copsey

1744.04 (48th)
507,779 (43rd)
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Title Δ
This object is an integral type. Can I get its value in fewer than... -1.61
non-static and static data and functions -3.21
Does Pre and post increment/decrement operators in C++ have same pe... -2.82
What languages require no external libraries/references/dependencies? +2.84
What are Splay tree, Red-black tree, AVL tree, B-tree and T-tree? +4.04
What is the special case with the foreach loop that eliminates boun... +1.41
How to implement dispose pattern with close method correctly (CA1063) +3.88
Property type depends on enum value -4.06
Associating enums with strings in C# -2.55
Using Excel as front end to Access database (with VBA) +4.05
C# - Get Private Field from Static Class -1.13
How can I use the IL generated to make decisions and look for bottl... +3.55
Ray-Polygon Intersection Point on the surface of a sphere +1.54
C# Compiler Enhancement Suggestion -0.66
Why do I get the following output when inverting bits in a byte? +0.33
StringDictionary vs Dictionary<string, string> -3.15
Calculating the shortest distance between two lines (line segments)... +4.19
Can you help me understand in a practical example the usage abstrac... -2.97
Can you help me understand in a practical example the usage abstrac... +2.03
How do I make this class more reusable? (specific example inside) -2.78
Should GC.SuppressFinalize be called on objects that do not have a... +2.11
Memory Leak in C# +4.01
Questions about boxing +0.06
Know any C# syntax-highlighting tricks? +3.25
Is there a good way to migrate from a Mailman list to an web forum? +4.00
When are interfaces needed? -2.53
Using D programming language in a .NET context 0.00
Polygon Triangulation with Holes -3.28
In .NET, which loop runs faster, 'for' or 'foreach'? 0.00
When would you use delegates in C#? 0.00
Null or default comparison of generic argument in C# 0.00