An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Reed Copsey

1744.04 (48th)
507,779 (43rd)
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Title Δ
How to start animation when user pressed Enter in TextBox 0.00
Working with classes in F# (mutability vs immutability / members vs... +0.44
Async passthrough methods +0.77
f# pattern match the opposite value 0.00
Using Pipe Forward with nested sequences 0.00
C# Generics with concrete implementation 0.00
F# Seq.choose() Error FS0001 0.00
Get random numbers in F# -0.59
Package References in F# 0.00
Correctly calling method which refers to instance in ProvidedConstr... -0.23
How to call F# type extensions (static member functions) from C# 0.00
Whats happening in this Self referencing inheritance code? 0.00
How to achieve `FSharpValue.GetUnionFields` in a C# PCL (Profile 259) 0.00
F# wpf async command completion status +0.19
Representing a restricted type without using a class 0.00
How can I use GDI+ in WPF? 0.00
Windows Phone 8.1 Music on click event 0.00
Given a set of points calculate the outline of the area that the po... 0.00
C# Wpf binding not working for label 0.00
Using a setter as a parameter in C#? (Maybe with delegate?) +0.85
WPF use one ViewModel for multiple UserControls 0.00
Why should I use Result in Tasks C#? +2.56
F# - Set Property if changed -1.76
C# Overriding method and returning different objects +0.74
EventHandler Not Needed in Event? 0.00
C# singleton instance is never null 0.00
Checking if user input is an integer in c# -3.37
Automatically inherit all method signatures when writing a helper m... +0.70
Error with Dispatcher Thread in a Module 0.00
How to get INotifyPropertyChanged binding to change when it is boun... 0.00
Use of unassigned local variable 'accessor -1.05
File Path Variables 0.00
Change label text and start threads in the same void -0.47
How to use Task<T> raising an event and waiting for event to... +0.19
How can I get rid of dashes in Visual Studio +0.80
What is the best way to enumerate bitmask Flags contained within a... 0.00
Classes and headers in C++ +1.13
How to combine multiple fields into one field using LINQ 0.00
Is it possible to interleave execution of multiple delegates on a s... -3.25
Can I have an interface parameter, pass by reference? +1.16
Will BeginInvoke continue to execute if I return immediately from a... 0.00
how can I swap two child entity values 0.00
F#: Generating a word count summary -0.24
Is it possible to create a template of constructor? 0.00
IJW C# to MC++ to C++ transfer array of strings to char** 0.00
Can I use System.Timers.Timer in an F# PCL library? 0.00
C# Initializing a Multi-dimensional array with multiple 1D arrays +0.41
C# not thread-safe initialization 0.00
How to avoid WPF Application not Responding when logging off 0.00
Stackoverflow doing boxing in C# 0.00