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Davey van Tilburg

1487.55 (4,449,309th)
16 (1,744,724th)
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Title Δ
Find value of a property from a Nested JSON without recursion in C# 0.00
Check if other app running via windows service 0.00
.NET Core URL Rewrite for migrating from webforms to .NET Core 0.00
handle complex anonymous JSON object 0.00
How to replace . character within code with regex? -2.83
Is there a way to re-use a LINQ statement, but alter the property a... -4.62
how to remove [] character at extracted json using json path 0.00
Generic Property Setter for Generic Type in C# Class 0.00
How to call a function with a string variable in C# +0.08
make method in C# that takes function without type parameters -0.64
Create a two part regex to isolate part of sentence 0.00
C# Get TestCases by TestCaseSource - Reading textfile 0.00
Version conflict - SpecFlow Visual Studio extension attempted to us... 0.00
Assign event and function in extension method as argument 0.00
New anonymous type filled by for-each cycle 0.00
best practice for using decorator for send notification in asp core +4.01
C# Discord how to wait for a message with prefix, then respond to it 0.00
How can I access a variable set in Parallel ForEach outside the loo... 0.00
3 Layers architecture in vending machine, while keeping OCP +0.10
how to use Guid as an attribute constructor value or object in a cu... 0.00
'Sequence contains no elements', happening? 0.00
Tuple to have contains and not contains list C# +0.08
Get free disk space in two loop 0.00
GroupBy with different parameters -3.50
Filtering Complex JSON by dynamic filter query in c# +4.19
Swap base class at runtime? 0.00 deserialize array of varible types in c# 0.00
Can I encrypt a stream into another? 0.00
Factory method and where to choose which factory is to be used -1.29
Iterate list and show only items which contains specific word -1.97
Set z transform position of an instantiated GameObject sprite in un... -3.94
Button counter Windows Forms 0.00
Passing array to method used on array member in c# 0.00
Find and Replace and attribute in XML file using libxml/xpath in C... 0.00
Proper way to start and async fire-and-forget call? +6.09
Serialise a Jagged Array, and save as JSON +4.14
use regular expression to find substrings in c# -3.95
why we cannot initialize an instance field at declaration in c# str... 0.00
C# Deserializing JSON to class dependent on a type property 0.00
ListBox sorting by files creation time 0.00
How to make yourself join a specific channel in discord once someon... 0.00
Logical operator && in JavaScript and it's C# equivalent +0.69
Accessing unity container of web app from a class library -3.49
Compare the values of textbox and pre defined list? -3.87
How to filter an xml using deserialization in c#? 0.00
What is difference between nullable datetime property and its field? 0.00
My own class, with an instance, but getting "An object referen... -1.72
How to access instance members of an abstract parent class? 0.00