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Frank Boyne

1505.97 (123,039th)
3,457 (48,772nd)
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Title Δ
Get decimal value of Unicode Character C++ 0.00
C++ struct is destruct after the function returns -1.44
Why my std::atomic<int> variable isn't thread-safe? +2.37
Why does Microsoft say Azure Functions is for small pieces of code? +0.49
Ctrl + M + O shortcut to collapse all functions doesn't work in... 0.00
Are arrays with a defined const allowed in C++? -0.00
Visual Studio copy paste adds extra blank lines -0.00
if condition with _bstr_t variable 0.00
Convert DateTimeOffset to Int64 and back to DateTimeOffset 0.00
c++ Visual studio 2015 shortcut to make function from selection of... 0.00
C++ why raw pointer won't increase reference count of shared_ptr? +1.95
Handling the error PInvokeStackImbalance 0.00
Why doesn't the compiler give any errors or warnings when using... 0.00
What's a fast way to see if a function is public? 0.00
How to update C# Compiler to version 6-Visual Studio Community 2015 0.00
Keyboard shortcut to cycle through member types in intellisense 0.00
Why deduction guide for std::array does not allow different types? -1.35
Why would I use auto-implementation over encapsulation? +0.60
c++ do I need to manually delete a void* pointer which is then poin... -1.66
combinatorial exercise in C++ seeing speed decrement vs VBA 0.00
Is valid to use this in a function that is called using shared poin... -0.51
Visual Studio Code solution explorer not recognizing .sln file and... 0.00
regex performance java vs c++11 -0.62
LoadLibray FileNotFound depending on which application calls 0.00
References to DFOR.LIB from Compaq Visual Fortran 0.00
c++ diamond inheritance construct only by base constructor 0.00
Error LNK1104: cannot open file 'DFOR.lib' Visual Studio 0.00
How to assign value to union in VC++ +1.94
How to dynamically expand and populate an array of string? 0.00
LNK4099 errors for many individual object files, Visual Studio 2015 +0.49
Delete a message from OUTGOING QUEUES in msmq 0.00
C++ Declare array of unspecified length with string elements -1.16
How to use languageā€™s parser to get the tokens to populate the comp... 0.00
How to correctly setup my post-build script in visual studio 0.00
Error LNK2005 already defined on updating C++/Fortran solution to V... 0.00
Ambiguous partial specialization depending on std::enable_if +0.50
Pointer Objects comparison using pointer expression in cpp +0.86
How to take inputs from array and input it into an equation in C++? -0.11
C++ Variable not declared in scope -0.00
VS2015 Error List items all doubled -1.79
C# DatePicker Validating Date +0.48
How would I convert a user input (string) to a ConsoleColor? 0.00
what is correct assignment in a constructor with arguments in c#? +1.20
How do I wait for a submit button to be clicked while I am within t... 0.00
LNK2019 error: Using x86 library on x64 Machine 0.00
No phone emulator showing in device list in visual studio 2015 RTM -3.56
Stroustrup's Header error working with FLTK 0.00
How to Interpret Binary a Binary File -1.95
Using Disposable Pattern to Clean Up IDispose Member Classes +3.90
Visual studio not running program because it needs v120 tools -4.13