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1439.93 (4,278,294th)
635 (221,803rd)
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Title Δ
JavaScript regular expression to match a word with any kind of punc... 0.00
CLI pattern Matching using Java 0.00
Defining a financial number with a regular expression 0.00
ReplaceAll with regex is removing one extra char which dont want to... 0.00
ruby regex without global flag 0.00
Null characters while trying to split a string in Java? And how to... 0.00
How do I write a multi-regex line? 0.00
Regex to capture unpaired brackets or parentheses 0.00
using regex to find substring 0.00
How to print index: value when loop a list in Python +1.34
Regex: check if encapsulated string is numeric 0.00
Saving regex matches into an array 0.00
How to remove tags using RegexTokenizer() in Spark/Scala ML? 0.00
Matching occurrence in string with regex for value replacement? +1.38
How to match & replace multiple strings with regex in Python -0.49
Need help in regex function in PowerShell +0.92
Regex expression for reptitive groups 0.00
JS Regex lookbehind not working in firefox and safari -1.33
How to extract a filename from a URL & some extra data attached... 0.00
Regex that should include brackets excludes them in Sublime Text -0.42
Why my code not working in regex match for email id 0.00
Create RegEx to only select on alphabet and number e.g. A1 0.00
Wavelet 2D Scattering transform of an input image 0.00
Add "^0" to the end of every constant term in polynomial... 0.00
Split branch name regex 0.00
I cannot get a regex to match all letters, numbers, and the charact... -1.50
Processing ^ symbol for get powers of polynomials using regex +3.39
Regex - extract outer scope matched value <table><table>... 0.00
i would ilke to select all sub strings from given string by regex j... 0.00
How can I extract key-values from one-level JSON string using regex? 0.00
Doubts about regex in java -0.41
Validate string value in Python -1.75
How to not match character in capturing group -1.17
How to make Regex work to find 7 letter words that start with A 0.00
Java Regex Annotation and Requirement for HTTP body POST 0.00
Using regex to determine all postfixes of a string 0.00
How do you remove the first number followed by comma in regex? +1.68
Extract Lat and Long values from GeoJSON coordinates separately to... 0.00
Getting Variables inside Javascript Function using BeautifulSoup, P... +0.43
Finding anchor point index in a regular expression 0.00
Replace with regular expression using Batch multiple text (Windows) -0.92
Remove characters from List<string> in between separators (fr... 0.00
placeholders for regular expressions -0.42
Regex not matching the string format in C# -0.16
Replace GET parameters in url based on position (regex) -1.02
Need help regarding regex to find a word from a specific sentence f... 0.00
Java regex add space everytime number found in the string +2.33
Regex to Exclude something and bulk rename files -0.99
Remove special characters with QRegularExpression 0.00
matlab regexp, match any character X number of times -0.04