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1485.43 (4,129,272nd)
635 (221,524th)
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Title Δ
Regex and replace function to convert link text pattern to <a>... 0.00
Extract Windows file path, file name and file extension via single... 0.00
Need a Regex that includes all char after expression 0.00
How to get ‘base64 bytes data in PHP” 0.00
RegEx - How to get string between first two commas? 0.00
Separating lines in Notpad++ 0.00
How to access object inside multidimensional array with json decode... 0.00
Regex match a substring if that substring is not preceded by a spec... 0.00
PHP - How to ignore numbers/numeric on string using explode() or pr... 0.00
I declared--> str1="bbccaa". I want result to be all t... 0.00
How to use regex to find exactly a word or string in a string? 0.00
Returning multiple matches but only till first occurrence of a patt... 0.00
What regex matches shebangs 0.00
Is there a standard way to determine only maximum length? 0.00
How to catch links with optional spaces in PHP? 0.00
Extract customer data from email 0.00
How to remove matching quotes when quotes surrounds word that start... 0.00
How to chunk a big file with certain size and condition 0.00
Extracting a number from a specific substring pattern 0.00
Match multiple line comment blocks composed of one or more single l... 0.00
Get value of PHP array without key name 0.00
Edit text between specific symbols in powershell 0.00
Backreference and lookarounds in a word regular expression 0.00
Reduce not work correctly i need add exeption / exlusion 0.00
Using preg_match to capture text between tags with exception with PHP 0.00
Using preg_match_all and foreach to print data from HTML code with... 0.00
Matching letter grades within a body of text 0.00
Trying to match all H-Tags from HTML 0.00
Replacing values in a sting with an array of other values 0.00
preg_match to find the second match in PHP 0.00
multiple parameters substitution in the string python 0.00
Regex last occurence of digit before some string 0.00
Regex exp to change every letter after the literal dot [.] to lower... 0.00
Regex extracting sub string python 0.00
Remove string after first number using r regex 0.00
Extract data between two string with PHP 0.00
Deleting strings between tags () 0.00
What could be the regex for matching combination of a specific stri... 0.00
I want to delete previous characters 0.00
JavaScript Regex to remove all HTML Symbols & Characters? 0.00
Get strings for some specific region 0.00
Strip off a sentence that contains a URL 0.00
How to search with Regex for a string that does not begin with anot... 0.00
Get specific values of a multidimensional array with json code 0.00
regex that doesn't match between HTML comments 0.00
Use regexp in bash to obtain substring of string 0.00
Teradata - Remove numbers and certain punctuation, leave alpha and... 0.00
Regex - How can I get this pattern <img src="/storage/5/art... 0.00
MatchString Regex pattern matches all strings in Go 0.00
How can i select "catch" code blocks using regex in power... 0.00