An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1499.39 (3,785,929th)
5,881 (27,784th)
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Title Δ
Return a list from a list, where every column of every data frame i... +2.17
Determine range of time where measurements are not NA -0.36
How to do some operation in the elements of a vector with previous... -1.34
Create New Categorical Variable (high, mid, low) +0.37
Stacked and grouped barplots 0.00
print function of 1 variable and 2 integers leaves gap between the... -1.36
Repeated Single Regression w/ Factor and Continuous Variables +0.21
Find start date and end date of non zero rows r dataframe and creat... 0.00
How to extract just one of classes of object with multiple classes 0.00
Add a line to the body text of existing function objects 0.00
Use lapply by group in a function with 2 arguments in R 0.00
Select elements closest to a defined value while avoiding duplicates -1.57
How to turn a column in a data frame to as POSIXct class? Only have... +2.23
Make an array by selecting data from two sub-lists in a big list 0.00
How to convert coordinates from degree decimal minutes to decimal d... +0.50
Delete square brackets with gsub does not work +0.21
how to output the corr.test r and p value togather into dataframe? 0.00
Fill Dates Between Two Event Timestamps Formatted as POSIXct -1.48
R Imputation with Ordered Categorical +0.55
Automatically sink() when exiting function when there is a error 0.00
Transform a sequence of discontinuous intervals into continuous 0.00
join lists within a list with separators 0.00
R iterate over consecutive pairs in a list +1.04
Modify summary output 0.00
Grouping similar times together -0.11
How to handle incompatible type error in missForest? 0.00
Trying to find values within excel cell based on given pairs in R df -0.43
Using R to scrape a table and links from a web page +0.24
Extract the first x number of elements in a list column in R? -0.49
How to fix colors of bar graph 0.00
How to use "for loop" to get couples of indexes every tim... -0.40
Plotting a histogram with two vectors next to each other -0.52
Simplest way to replace a list of values in a data frame with a lis... +2.45
Filter logical columns -0.12
function that makes all combinations of permutations in r +0.07
How to find element index when element is determined from quantile... +2.55
How to round datetime to nearest time of day, preferably vectorized? +2.56
Assign colors to negative and positive values in R barplot 0.00
Multiple boxplots in R from unlabelled matrix? +0.55
Iteration of a recurrence solution in R -1.48
Extract one year from a period of time involving two years in R +0.49
Splitting a binary number using R +0.29
Keyword searching a character string -1.48
Read multiple files but keep track of which file is which dataframe... -0.66
Partial Variances at each row of a Matrix +0.50
Unable to pass non-string arguments in a function -0.05
Forcing the sum of the fixed effects to zero 0.00
Set axis tick and label to include maximum value on bar plot +0.15
"Error in as.Date.numeric(e) : 'origin' must be suppli... 0.00
Reshaping data with multiple columns -1.76