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Rating Stats for

Mihai Alexandru-Ionut

1647.39 (604th)
31,057 (3,889th)
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Title Δ
Linq query that finds duplicates and removed them from a list 0.00
Python: function defined in while loop refers to old variable 0.00
python dictionary : values and keys -0.43
how to check if the value is in list of dict +0.30
Are these Big-O notations correct for simple loop functions (Python)? -0.34
My function returns None although i have a return statement with a... 0.00
Combining list of list of string by columns in python 0.00
Factorial function using lambda +1.47
Python write without lambda +0.97
Finding the sum of column of all the rows in a matrix without using... +0.28
Sort array of objects by given incomplete array of orders in Javasc... +0.30
Converting int[] to boolean[] in Java based on whether a number is... -0.67
C# Determine which condition was satisfied 0.00
Sort array into custom order -0.22
How can i put a text file in numerical order based on what it start... +0.25
How to retrieve the value of a dynamic property in EF Core 0.00
Sort Dictionary without pandas 0.00
How do I display the last month with the year? +0.28
How can I return items that match a condition? 0.00
How to extract only the first and last numerical value from a txt f... +0.47
Find the column index by the maximum value of row in numpy 0.00
How to initialize a dictionary with keys as items from inner list? 0.00
Add values to a Sql Database from a .txt file, skipping the first l... -2.53
How to copy the elements of array of unequal length to another? -0.08
How to split and merge javascript object with respect to index of a... +0.55
react-tag-autocomplete handling duplicate tags 0.00
Select a random object in javascript/jquery +0.75
Why splice method does not work and delete item on array in TypeScr... -0.64
Convert camelCase to snakeCase +1.13
Python Prime Numbers Looping +0.86
Adding object into array and changing property of other objects in... 0.00
How to map data from an array in Angular 0.00
Bubble sort not sorting properly in python +0.30
How to add objects within another array of object at alternate posi... +1.67
Most efficient way to compare single array items in JS -0.59
Modify the values of an array where a list of the same size contain... -1.55
Find object in array of nested objects -1.09
Extract keys and values from object via an array of strings in java... -1.45
Extracting a selection of elements out of array, when elements to s... +1.51
Convert Array of String into Array of Objects +0.10
How parse arrays of items in array to float/int +0.80
Calculate confusion_matrix for Training set with sklearn SVC 0.00
Assigning specific value in function of variable last element 0.00
How to create a new list from values from a existing list +0.29
Eliminate duplicate from list of lists +0.38
keras lstm error: expected to see 1 array 0.00
How to create a sublist from 2 lists by selecting their items index... -0.27
How to sort numbers and write to new text file +1.52
Remove lines with an infinite value from array -1.55
How to remove element from a list using other list? 0.00